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100 RV Creature Comforts RVers Can’t Live Without

| Updated Aug 23, 2023

RVers in our RV Lifestyle community listed HUNDREDS of RV creature comforts they can't live without. Here's a summarized list with resources!…

Many folks believe that when you RV, you have to give up the comforts of home. But that is dead wrong!

Living the RV Lifestyle does not mean you have to give up your creature comforts. You can enjoy what brings you comfort AND travel. 

One of our RV Lifestyle members, Leigh, recently posted in our Facebook group. She wrote:

“Can I hear from some “older” ladies, what are the creature comforts that you’ve found are must-haves when buying a 5th Wheel to begin our retirement adventures? Thanks for any serious recommendations!”

As per usual, our community answered this question loud and clear! We had over 400 responses about small comforts that make a BIG impact for RVers (regardless of their age!)

We have compiled the responses with a few minor edits and provided related resources wherever possible.

If you buy something through our links, we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. It helps keep our lights on so we can continue to provide helpful resources for RVers. Read our full affiliate disclosure here.

100 RV Creature Comforts RVers Can't Live Without

13 Best Coffee Makers for RV Travel RV Creature Comforts

Keep in mind every person is different! What might be a “must-have” for one person may seem excessive to another.

The purpose of this list is not to give you a gigantic shopping list. Rather, it's meant to get you thinking about things you may not have already considered. Then, you can decide what “must-haves” are right for you.

You'll notice that most of the items are great for ALL RVers, not just senior RVers. We've also provided links to helpful resources where applicable.

  1. An RV you can use even with slides pulled in
  2. A powerful AC (RV Upgrade That’s Worth It: A/C Soft Start Up)
  3. Comfortable camping chairs
  4. A comfortable mattress for the bed
  5. Bunk for grandkids
  6. Half bath
  7. 6-point leveling system
  8. Electric reel for electrical cord
  9. Fantastic fans for kitchen and bathroom
  10. Walk around bed
  11. Shower with a footrest (to sit and shave)
  12. Slide open windows vs. crank open
  13. All hardwood floors, not carpet
  14. Installed vacuum system
  15. Fireplace
  16. Washer & Dryer (multiple commenters said separate units are best!)
  17. Good coffee maker
  18. Two bathrooms
  19. Broom closet
  20. Lots of drawers in the kitchen (more than three!)
  21. Lippert or MORryde entry steps
  22. A kitchen island that is not U-shaped
  23. Cloth seats vs. fake leather that peels
  24. Comfortable recliner chairs with a hand close feature and cup holders
  25. A couch in addition to recliners
  26. Adequate counter space 
  27. Table and chairs vs. bench seating
  28. Regular-sized fridge 
  29. Ice maker 
  30. Generator 
  31. Slide toppers
  32. Tall ceilings for tall RVers!
  33. Microwave &/or multi-purpose appliances
  34. Outdoor handheld shower to hose off feet
  35. Patio (ramps on some toy haulers that can be fenced to turn into a deck. GREAT for keeping dogs enclosed outdoors.)
  36. Small stool to help with trailer steps (Don’t Fall! 10 Ways to Make Your Dangerous RV Steps Safer)
  37. A bedroom with a closeable door
  38. Dishwasher
  39. Tankless water heater
  40. Shower shoes for campground showers (Using the Campground Shower? 5 Tips You Need to Know)
  41. Linen closet for towels 
  42. Motion-activated lights on RV stairs
  43. A Beddy's all-in-one zippered bedding that makes making the bed a snap! 
  44. A king-sized bed
  45. Room for pets (ULTIMATE Resource Guide for RVing with Dogs)
  46. Bidet (forget the dreaded poop pyramid plug!)
  47. Magnifying light-up mirror 
  48. Double-pane windows
  49. Nice showerhead! (The 5 Best RV Shower Heads)
  50. Lots of bedroom or closet drawers (5 Space-Saving Tips for RV Closets & Drawers)

50 More RV Must-Haves

RV Creature Comforts bedding storage ideas
  1. Good TV to watch your favorite shows or movies (Want a Portable Theater?! (Best Projector for RV 2023)
  2. Roll out drawers under the bed
  3. Auto leveling
  4. A backup plan in case your A/C breaks or you're off-grid (10 Ways to Stay Cool If Your RV A/C Breaks)
  5. Bathroom for late-night needs or when campground bathrooms are dirty
  6. RV Vacuum
  7. Authentic glassware/wine glasses (How To Store Glassware in an RV)
  8. Ceramic mugs
  9. Trade out the jack-knife couch for a comfy couch
  10. A down comforter with a soft cover and extra pillows
  11. Bathroom caddy for using campground showers
  12. Spring tension rod in the shower to hang clothes that do not go in the dryer
  13. Walk around bed (another one that was mentioned many times)
  14. Convection oven
  15. Large enough RV oven to fit the pans and dishes you will cook or bake (
  16. A homey floorplan
  17. Oversized windows
  18. Pantry with automatic light
  19. A full-length mirror on the bathroom door
  20. A large sink in the kitchen
  21. Backsplash in the kitchen
  22. Solar panels (to be able to boondock)
  23. Security system
  24. Glow steps 
  25. Hands-free lock
  26. Leveling chocks
  27. Hitch lock
  28. A hanging spice rack (7 Great RV Kitchen Gadgets to Save Space)
  29. Pocket shoe organizer for RV shoe storage
  30. Battery-powered or rechargeable fan
  31. Screen tent for outdoors
  32. Cloth napkins
  33. Shower caddy for RV shower
  34. Nice handsoap container for the restroom
  35. Cute RV throw pillows
  36. Nice sheet with a high thread count
  37. Soft towels with a high thread count
  38. Sleeping mask to block out light (Tips to Sleep Better in Your RV)
  39. Independent suspension 
  40. Heavier axels to help stabilize while driving
  41. Durable dishes (5 Best Dishes for RV Camping & Living)
  42. A set-up with a couch straight across from the television
  43. A space that can convert into an office (6 essential tips on how to work remotely from an RV)
  44. Automatic awning (Types of RV Awnings)
  45. Large outdoor storage basements
  46. A portable grill (Best Portable Grill for Camping & 20 Nifty BBQ Tools for Camping)
  47. A portable smoker (10 Best Portable Smokers for Camping & 35 Best Smoker Accessories)
  48. Comfy mattress topper for dinette bed (5 Tricks to Take Your RV Dinette Bed from Lumpy to Comfy)
  49. Privacy features (5 RV Privacy Products to Make Your Campsite More Private)
  50. Ottomon to turn your couch into a recliner

Never Too Old to RV

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This ingenious item looks like a broken bicycle grip, but it slips into the metal door latch to help you get in and out of your vehicle. It safely supports up to 300 pounds.

Easily store it in the vehicle's door pocket, center console, or your purse. 


Some RV toilets are so low, they’re difficult to get up and down on. This raised toilet seat adds 5”, which makes a big difference for your achy knees.

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