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9 Best Ice Makers for Camping (2024)

| Updated Mar 4, 2024

If ice is one luxury you can't do without, check out these best ice makers for camping and RV use…

Having ice on hand can be a tricky thing when traveling in your RV. Sure, you have the option of buying large bags of ice from the convenience store. But those costs add up and take up a lot of space in your kitchen’s freezer or ice chest. 

That's why you should consider taking a portable ice maker camping with you. We know that may seem like an excessive luxury, but it really comes in handy. Our RV Lifestyle Facebook community even agree that it's among the top 15 RV-Must Haves.

Luckily, if you’re the kind of person who wants (or needs!) ice wherever you go, there are many great options for portable ice makers. Their relatively small sizes make for easy countertop storage and ease of transport to a campsite.

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Don't Use Dirty Campground Water to Make Ice!

Before we tell you about the best camping ice makers, we want to warn you about dirty campground water. Unclean water is one of the 5 Big Dangers of Camping in an RV Campground, but it can be avoided!

With so many campgrounds relying on aging wells and plumbing systems, it’s more important than ever that campers filter the water they bring into their RVs. Watch the video or read How to Properly Filter Dirty Campground Water.

9 Best Portable Ice Makers for Camping

Here are the best ice makers for camping and the differences between them. Note that these ARE NOT in any particular order. We've made sure to include a variety to meet individual needs. So, dive in to choose the best one for you and your rig.

**(We gotta say… #6 is probably the best all-around ice maker for camping! But all of the options are great depending on your wants and needs.)**

1 – Igloo ICEB26AQ Automatic Portable Ice Maker Machine (Trusted Camping Brand)

9 Best Ice Makers for Camping (2024) 1

The Igloo is a big hit with our readers, producing ice in as little as 7 minutes. Its reservoir holds 2 pounds of ice at one time. 

It even boasts production of 26 pounds in 24 hours, so long as you keep refilling its 3 quart water tank.

Like others on this list, this ice maker is super easy to use. First, you fill up the water tank, then press the power button on. There are two size options for ice to choose from, and the machine gets right to work.

The control panel even notifies you when you need to refill the water tank.

The Igloo comes with a small ice scoop, keeping it hygienic for you and any guests.

This Igloo ice maker also has the advantage of not being an eyesore. It comes in multiple color options and has a sleek design. Plus, it's only 10″ wide, making it one of the most narrow options on this list.

2- Frigidaire EFIC108 Portable Compact Ice Maker (Lightweight Yet Productive)

9 Best Ice Makers for Camping (2024) 2

Another ice maker that can handle 26 pounds per day is this Frigidaire. It actually features many of the same features as the above Igloo. 

This unit does take up to 15 minutes to make ice, about twice as long as the Igloo, and only comes in the color black. It only has a 2.3 quart reservoir compared to Igloo's 3 quarts.

It's one of the lightest ice makers on the list at just over 18 pounds. (Most are 20 pounds or a bit heavier.) So this might be an important factor for you if you’re lugging it back and forth from the campsite or considering your RV GVW. It's also one of the most narrow designs at only 9.5″ wide.

3 – NewAir Portable Countertop Ice Maker (Fastest)

9 Best Ice Makers for Camping (2024) 3

If you need a lot of ice fast, NewAir is the one for you. This bad boy can churn out a single batch in as little as 6 minutes, and 28 pounds in a day. (That's nearly equivalent to purchasing 10-pound ice bags a day!)

Another feature that distinguishes the NewAir from the others is the ice size options. You can choose small, medium, or large. 

This ice maker is at a higher price point, however. But the convenience of a lot of fast ice, plus a drain mounted on the side for easy clean up makes the NewAir one of the best ice makers for camping (especially if you’re having a party).

4 – Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker (Best Ice)

9 Best Ice Makers for Camping (2024) 4

It’s worth mentioning that almost all the ice makers on this list produce opaque, bullet-shaped, soft ice you can easily chew. Not this one. 

The Luma makes clear ice cubes, and a lot of it, at 28 pounds daily. The advantage of ice cubes over the softer, rounder version is that clear ice cubes melt slower and create less fizz. This alone makes the Luma one of the best ice makers for camping.

Though it looks bulky from the picture, it's actually comparable in size to the Igloo. It's just 1″ wider and 2″ taller.

Better ice does come at a price, though. The Luma is one of the more expensive options with its stainless steel design.

5 – Euhomy Ice Maker Machine Countertop (Most Ice)

9 Best Ice Makers for Camping (2024) 5

This countertop ice maker is big at 14″d x 17″ w x 17″ h! But if you travel with a big group or in really hot locales, this one is for you. You can host a lot of ice-loving people while camping or hosting parties at home.

Like the Luma, this one makes clear, slow-melting ice cubes rather than soft ice. But this model can make a whopping 40 pounds in a single day and 24 cubes every 13 minutes.

The water tank holds 2.2 liters of water, which makes 120 ice cubes. This larger tank size means you won’t have to refill the tank as often. 

The Euhomy has other bells and whistles, like an LCD display that allows you to adjust the thickness of the ice. It also has an automatic cleaning function, so you don’t have to worry about any mold build-up.

With the stainless steel compact design and quiet efficiency, the Euhomy isn’t the most affordable option. But overall, it is one of the best ice makers for camping if traveling with a family or large group.

6. VIVOHOME Compact Self-Cleaning Ice Maker (Best All Around)

VIVOHOME Compact Self-Cleaning Ice Maker

Like the Euhomy, the VIVOHOME has a really nifty self-cleaning function. Unlike the Euhomy, this ice maker is compact at less than 10″ wide, and less than 13″ deep and high.

This compact, lightweight design makes it ideal for any camper, but don't let its small size fool you. It still makes ups to 26 pounds of bullet ice cubes in 24 hours. It churns out a batch of ice in about 6-10 minutes.

Like the Igloo, it comes in several great colors.

Despite all of these great features, its price falls right in the middle, if not toward the more affordable side. So, it's an excellent choice all around.

7. Crownful Ice Maker (Most Affordable)

Crownful Ice Maker

This compact Crownful ice maker is one of the most affordable on our list. At under $100, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Including auto self-cleaning!

Because it churns out a batch every 7 minutes, you can still get 26 pounds of ice per day.

So, I bet you're wondering why it's so much cheaper than the other options on the list. We believe the biggest difference is its ability to keep the ice cold. If you don't transfer the ice to an ice chest or your RV fridge, the ice will melt in the ice maker's tray.

But that is true of most ice makers! This one just doesn't seem to keep them as cold as long as others.

Also, it's highly recommended you make good use of the auto-cleaning feature. Otherwise, this machine is prone to mold buildup.

8. Govee Life Smart Ice Maker (Smartest)

Govee Life Smart Ice Maker

For all you tech lovers, this ice maker uses smart technology so you can control it from an app. It may seem unnecessary to some, but it is nice to return from a hike to fresh ice at your campsite. That is, of course, if you have enough cell service to use the app.

It's compact design also earns it a spot on our list, as it's only12.32″D x 8.74″W x 12.6″H. Plus, it makes ice fast, as quickly as 6 minutes! You can make the soft, chewable ice in three sizes.

As a perk for boondockers, it uses less than 0.1kWh on average per hour. All in all, it's smart, compact, and produces plenty of ice. And its price is still mid-range!

9. COWSAR Self-Cleaning Ice Maker Machine (Most Portable)

COWSAR Self-Cleaning Ice Maker Machine

This small ice maker checks all of the boxes. It's compact, affordable, self-cleaning, and fast. It's one of the most affordable and most compact on the list. Plus, it has a carrying handle!

Like many countertop ice makers, you need to transfer the ice to a cooler or freezer once it's done to keep it frozen. It makes the soft, bullet-shaped ice, spitting out a batch every 6 minutes.

As another perk, this ice machine comes in several different colors, including bold red and mint green.

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Your Vote on Best Ice Makers for Camping

Can you recommend a convenient camping ice maker to help you stay cool this summer? Please let us know in the comments! It’s bound to be a busy summer so learn how to get a camping reservation now!

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7 Responses to “9 Best Ice Makers for Camping (2024)”

July 06, 2023at9:33 pm, Nancy Einheuser said:

COMMENT: We stopped taking our ice maker with us camping for 2 reasons. First, it throws too much heat while running, and it’s bulkier than using a few ice trays. Our freezer works so well making ice that we like using ice trays, a covered ice container, & stainless steel ice scoop. Bonus, we don’t need to keepup with the ice machine to continually transfer ice cubes to the freezer.


September 16, 2022at2:10 pm, 29 Must-Have Camping Gadgets For 2022 | RV Lifestyle said:

[…] I know that RV counter space is precious. But if you miss the luxury of having ice when on the road, this is the solution. For more options, check out these 7 Best Ice Makers for Camping. […]


July 06, 2023at12:45 pm, Nan Lindstrom said:

We have had the newair countertop icemaker for years now – love it, and makes ice pretty fast. The refrigerator in our RV is a residential and ever since day once, the ice maker does not work — took 3 months to make 7 cubes!!! We shut the water off to the refrigerator and use the ice maker every 3 days or so when the ice needs to be replenished in the freezer ice holder.


July 07, 2023at4:01 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Sounds like a great addition – thanks for sharing! Team RV Lifestyle


July 05, 2021at7:51 pm, Storm1 said:

But how well do they make ice? If the ambient temperature is warm the cubes can come out tiny and fragile. Beware!


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