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RV Lifestyle Supporting Members

We have a goal.

Maybe it's a pipedream.

But as much as possible, we'd like to minimize advertising. Instead of relying on sponsors and corporations and advertising, we'd like to rely more on the RV Lifestyle community we serve.

That's you.

And we'd like to get closer to you. Share more. Connect more. Serve you more.

That's why we have RV Lifestyle Supporting Memberships on Facebook and YouTube.

CLICK HERE for info on our Facebook Supporting Membership

This is accessed through the Supporter Hub link and is a closed, members-only Facebook group open only to supporters who pledge $1.99 a month. There's lots of activity here, priority access to us with your questions, and exclusive tips, photos, and videos released here before being shared with the larger RV community. There's none of the noise and drama that often comes these days with larger Facebook Groups (you know what we mean!)  and we're able to share and interact much more personally.

CLICK HERE for info on our YouTube RV Lifestyle Supporting Membership

We have two levels of support on YouTube, each with different perks and rewards. One is $4.99 a month, the other is $9.99 a month. All the interactions for members are through the Community Tab on the Channel. We share exclusive videos, give priority answers to your questions, offer shoutouts, and credits on our videos and live streams. Plus, you get your own emojis and badges to use during our chats for special recognition.

YOU are where our loyalty lies!

RV Lifestyle Supporting Members 1

We started this awesome RV Lifestyle adventure almost 11 years ago and we have done more than 3,000 videos, podcasts, and blog articles now. These days, we’re doing three videos a week, as well as new, fresh, daily articles on our RV Lifestyle Travel Blog, Then there's our weekly hour-long RV Podcast magazine-style show.

I have to pinch myself sometimes so I know I am not dreaming because this is exactly what I was made to do, something all my years as a journalist prepared me for, something that means more to me than I can express. We love traveling, telling stories, and sharing our adventures and experiences.

I know I speak for Jennifer when I also say the biggest satisfaction in doing this is YOU.

Your kind words and encouragement over the years are much appreciated. The relationships we have formed and the RV Lifestyle community that has risen up is so amazing. It really feels like a family.

RV Lifestyle Supporting Members 2

To that end, we want to build on that and we are announcing a new way to strengthen those relationships through a special RV Lifestyle Supporting Members program.

This is a way for Jennifer and me to connect with you better, with supporters-only videos and posts, live-streams, perks and discounts, and supporters-only meetups around the country.

Now we’re not taking away anything with this. We’ll still keep doing everything we have… Free.

This RV Lifestyle Supporting Members program is in addition to that.

On the RV Lifestyle YouTube Channel,  we will interact through the community tab.

On Facebook, we have set up an RV Lifestyle Supporters Group, reached through the Members Hub.

Why are we doing this?

RV Lifestyle Supporting Members 3

First, so we can be better connected.

Secondly, so we can be more independent, relying more on our RV Lifestyle community – YOU – rather than industry and corporate sponsors.

Third, so we can be better connected, through members-only meetups, private live streams, social content, perks, and even some of our video outtakes and bloopers.

A big part of this is to minimize our dependence on advertising.

I don’t know about you but I find those YouTube mid-roll video ads on YouTube really annoying. They interrupt the flow of our videos. I’m okay with the ones at the start but the ones that have started to show up in the middle of videos… sometimes two to three times on the longer videos… they really bug me. I'd like to get enough supporters so we can do away with those mid-roll ads.

I'd like to have fewer ads on our podcasts, too.

And less advertising on the blog would be nice.

In fact, someday, I’d like to get so many supporters that we don’t have to have any advertising. To get all our support from those we serve.

CLICK HERE for info on our Facebook Supporting Membership


CLICK HERE for info on our YouTube RV Lifestyle Supporting Membership

Can we really do this?

RV Lifestyle Supporting Members 4

I don't know.

Other friends who have blogs and YouTube channels say that’s an unrealistic goal. Maybe it is. But that is my dream.

But if you don’t try, you can never achieve it.

Again, this new RV Lifestyle Supporting Members program won’t change anything. We won’t be taking anything away. This is just a way for you to contribute and help support our work.

And for us to give something extra back to you.

I realize, being a supporter is not for everyone.

Not everyone has the means to do so.

Let me stress, this won’t change a thing for you, all the content you’re used to will still be here, still free.

But for those who do choose to support us, it will enable us to do more with the channel, blog, and podcast and you’ll get some cool rewards in the process.

So there you go. It’s been a great nine years and we plan to keep doing this for many more as long as we are physically able to do so. I hope you’ll consider becoming a supporter.

And I thank you for reading this!

Happy Trails!

CLICK HERE for info on our Facebook Supporting Membership


CLICK HERE for info on our YouTube RV Lifestyle Supporting Membership

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