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How to Maximize Countertop Space in Your RV Kitchen

| Updated Nov 25, 2023

Need more room to prep & cook? Here's how to make more countertop space in your RV kitchen…

Are you looking for ways to increase your countertop space in your RV? Then you are not alone! 

We all know that RV kitchen space is precious…and limited. Finding a spot for all your must-haves and having room to cook is challenging.

So what can you do to maximize your RV countertop space? It turns out there is plenty you can do! We'll share several ways to make more room.

(Psst! We also share some great camping recipes at the end to take advantage of your extra cooking space!)

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7 Ways to Make More Countertop Space in your RV Kitchen

7 Space-Saving RV Organization Ideas & Tips Countertop Space in your RV Kitchen

Recently, one of our RV Lifestyle members asked a question in our Facebook group. Natasha posted a photo of her RV counter and asked the following: 

“COUNTER SPACE IDEAS! We are seasonal campers, so we set up for six months. I use my Keurig and air fryer, and toaster every day. My configuration isn’t working. Any ideas that work for you?” 

As always, our community answered with great ideas on making the most out of RV countertop space. The following are some of those great ideas, plus some of our own tips.

1. Swap Small Appliances for Smaller Versions

Many folks suggested an easy way to free up counter space is to replace small appliances with smaller versions. 

For instance, if you have a large Keurig taking up your precious space, replace it with a Keurig Mini. Or check out some of these other best coffee makers for RVs.

Many small appliances are available in slim or travel versions that do almost the same thing without taking up space. 

2. Replace Small Appliance with Ones That Do Double Duty

Simply replacing your small appliances with smaller versions may not sound like enough. You can also replace them with multi-purpose models that do more. 

For example, this Instant Pot Duo is a 9-in-1 appliance! It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and it sautés and steams. And more!

Or, look for an air fryer that can double as a toaster oven, like this compact Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo. Many RVers also replace their microwaves with small or multi-functional RV microwaves.

3. Use a Sink or Stove Cover

How to Maximize Countertop Space in Your RV Kitchen 1

Another excellent way to free up space is to use a sink cover or stove cover. Turn these two areas into extra counter space when not being used. 

Throw the cover on to extend your working surface when preparing meals. They sit securely on your sink and stovetop with adjustable feet and can be taken off quickly when you want to cook or use the sink. 

You can also put items in the sink while en route and place the cover over them to help keep them secure. 

4. Use Vertical Space

Utilizing vertical and hanging space in your rig can free up a lot of countertop space. You can mount items under, on, or inside your cabinets and fridge. 

Consider using the following items: 

You can also use a magnetic knife strip for your favorite camping kitchen knives.

5. Add a Countertop Extension

Another great way to expand your counter space is to add a countertop extension, also called a foldable shelf. You can mount a foldable extension instead of covering your sink and stovetops. 

When ready to use the extension, lift it and lock it into place. Then unlock it and lower it when not in use. 

You can get folding table brackets in various sizes, depending on how much room you have to extend it.

If you do not have a spot to add a counter extension, consider adding one to your dinette area. You can add a removable and rotatable table leg extension to create an additional surface for prep work.

6. Dry Your Dishes Over the Sink

Instead of using a dish rack next to your sink, you can get special dish racks that utilize your sink space. They essentially hang from the sides of your sink, with the dish rack sitting in the middle. This saves counter space AND keeps your countertops dry.

Many options can work for your rig, including an expandable sink dryer and a collapsible over-sink dryer.  

7. Cook Outdoors

If your RV kitchen still feels too cramped for comfort, you can take RV Lifestyle member Dick's advice and cook outside often. You have more freedom outdoors to create the cooking space you desire.

To help create that outdoor cooking space, check out the following:

Another great thing about cooking outdoors? You will not heat your rig unnecessarily during the summer months! 

Looking for Camping Recipes?!

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