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Glassware Storage Disaster? Not Anymore! How To Store Glassware in an RV

Members of our RV Lifestyle Facebook group share their tips on how to store glassware in an RV…

A member of our RV Lifestyle Facebook group recently asked a straightforward question that comes up quite often:

How do you store glassware when traveling in an RV?

Fellow RVers responded with helpful tips in over 300 comments. We’ve compiled their tips into this post, as well as added some of our own.

The following should spare you not only from broken glassware but also from annoying clanking while driving down the road.

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How to Store Glassware in an RV

How To Store Glassware in an RV

This is actually a two-part question because how you store glassware when parked may differ from how you store it when traveling down the road.

When parked, you can store glassware in your RV just like at home. Whether that’s stacked or lined in a cabinet or, often, in the case of wine glasses, hanging from their stems.

However, when driving, you often need to take measures to keep drinking glasses from clinking together and glass plates and bowls from rattling and sliding.

Wine glasses pose a challenge, in particular, since they’re not as stable as standard glasses, to begin with. Then you add the movement of an RV, and the challenge is exacerbated. 

So, we will list tips and several great products to combat the above challenges. These tips will not only keep your glassware from breaking but also help keep them organized.

Tip #1: Use Glass Alternatives

The most popular tip given was not to use glass at all. Many RVers suggested using plastic or paper instead of glassware since it’s far easier than protecting your glassware as you travel.

When this was mentioned, two main concerns popped up: environmental friendliness and aesthetics. When it comes to environmental friendliness, you can opt for 100% compostable and eco-friendly paper plates. 

Or you can opt for one of these 5 Best Dishes for RV Living. 4 out of 5 of these reusable sets are shatter-proof and have attractive designs. The 5th option is glass, but it is surprisingly durable and recommended for RVers who prefer glass dishes even when traveling.

Tip #2: Repurpose Towels as Padding in Transit

Many RVers who travel with glass use kitchen and bath towels to wrap or pad their glassware in transit. Pillows, sheets, and blankets work as well.

It’s a way to use what they have without adding more items or weight to their RV. However, another suggestion is lightweight and keeps your towels nicely folded in their cabinets…

Tip #3 Use Reusable Sheets and Pouches for Dishes

You can buy these great foam sheets and pouches to protect your dishware in transit. PLUS, they keep your dishes from rattling. Terri from our RV LIfestyle group recommended this exact set. 

You simply slide the dish into the foam pouch or alternate a foam sheet and plate/bowl. That way, you can still stack them and keep them in the cabinet.

However, it’s worth noting that these can only protect your glassware so much. They’re mainly for keeping things from breaking from clanking together. If they took a significant fall, their contents would likely still break.

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Tip #4 Prevent Sliding with Shelf Liners

Another excellent tip is to put grippy shelf liners in your cabinets. These non-adhesive liners are really easy to cut to size and install.

They’ll keep dishes (even non-glass dishes) from sliding around and help keep cups and drinking glasses upright (to an extent, of course). 

Tip #5 Use a Wine Picnic Backpack for Storage

Another clever idea is to purchase a wine picnic backpack or basket that pulls double duty. You can use it as intended when camping, then use it for glassware storage when driving.

This particular wine backpack has 4 wine glass holders and a plate pouch. Plus, you can use the big food pocket for mugs or other glassware.

Tip #6 Use a Dish Storage Box

Many RVers place their glassware in a storage set when in transit. These sets make it quick and easy to take dishes in and out, rather than having to wrap individual dishes in bins.

This particular brand sells a set and individual mug and wine glass containers. 

Tip #7 Store in your Dishwasher

If you have a dishwasher in your RV, it might be a good option for storage in transit. Since it’s designed to separate dishes for cleaning, it can keep them from clanking together.

However, its effectiveness in protecting your dishes depends on the dishwasher racks. If the racks’ dividers are short, dishes may topple in transit. 

So, it’s recommended that you try this method out with plastic dishes first. See if they remained in place after a drive. If they survive, test out a few glass dishes and see how they fare. 

You may find you have the perfect dish storage built right in!

Now that you know how to secure glassware, here’s how to secure other breakable or small items…

How to Secure Small Items While RVing

How to Secure Small Items While RVing (9 Tips)

From knick-knacks to pictures, our RV Lifestyle community gives advice on how to secure small items while RVing. We list their favorite tricks and products to keeping them in place.


There is a product that goes by many different names: museum wax, earthquake putty, or sticky putty, to name a few. But they all generally work the same way.  

You place a little bit of the adhesive to the bottom of the item you want to be secured. Then, stick that adhesive to the countertop, tabletop, or cabinet shelf to keep the item in place. 


Command strips are a great way to keep items in place. You can use them in sorts of different ways. 

You can secure pictures or other hanging items to walls. You can also use them to keep things in place on countertops. 


Cable ties, also known as zip ties, can be used to secure items. They can band cables or other loose items together while in transit. They can also secure items to the side of the rig while driving. 

Keep reading all 9 tips and products…

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April 20, 2023at3:41 pm, Don Carpenter said:

Hydro Flask and Yeti have an extensive collection of Wine, Beer and Coffee mugs which are made of Stainless Steel and have the added value of keeping beverages hot or cold while sitting by the fire. They are a bit more expensive but in the long run are more durable than the alternatives.


April 22, 2023at9:48 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks for sharing, Don! Team RV Lifestyle


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