How to Budget for RV Travel to National Parks

There are over 400 national park sites! Whether you’re embarking on a trip that’s two weeks or two months, here is a guide for how to budget for RV travel. RV parks give anyone the means to have access to breathtaking nature, from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite to Yellowstone. Given the sheer volume of […]Read More

Yikes – What happens when my RV runs out of fresh water?

What happens when my RV runs out of fresh water? Here’s a question that came in from Wendy: QUESTION: Newbie here: we are quite confused about where to get clean water to fill the fresh water tank when boondocking/dry camping. How do you do it? ANSWER: One of the things we’ve done in the past is use […]Read More

RVing through Brilliant Destin and The Emerald Coast

Destin, Florida, is “The World's Luckiest Fishing Village!” Destin, FL has it all. Awesome beaches, upscale dining and shopping, great fishing, and it’s one of our favorite destinations for RVing. I’ve always been curious about the Welcome to Destin sign we see on Highway 98 that brags about this panhandle town’s moniker as “The World’s […]Read More

Best RV Battery for Boondocking (2021)

The best RV battery for boondocking depends on your needs, so let's review all the top options! Boondocking also called dry camping, is beloved by many RVers. If you don’t know, it's camping without hookups to water, electricity, sewer, or cable.  Jennifer and I prefer boondocking since we feel like we can truly disconnect from […]Read More

The 10 Unwritten Rules for Campers

With so many newcomers embracing the RV Lifestyle, this is a good time to go over 10 Unwritten Rules for Campers. For the fact is, there are too many inconsiderate campers these days, people who think it is all about them and that because they rented a space in a campground, they can do as […]Read More

9 Helpful RV Camping Tips for Beginners

Here are our top RV camping tips for beginners so you have a great time on your first camping trip. Getting a new RV is such an exciting time! It feels liberating, but also a little bit terrifying at the same time. That is why I put together nine of the best RV campground tips […]Read More

9 Super Important Boondocking Etiquette Tips for Better Camping

Courtesy, grace, and self-control are the key components of Boondocking etiquette. We have 9 tips on how to boondock the right way. Whether you are spending the night in a paved parking lot or a few days on public lands, some common-sense rules will make your stay less obtrusive, more enjoyable for everyone, and help […]Read More

How do I organize an RV kitchen? Super Practical Answers!

To organize an RV kitchen you need time and experience, and knowing the space in your RV! But there are a few tips here from our Community to use right away no matter what you drive. This question comes from Lynn, one of the almost 50,000 members of our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group. She writes: […]Read More

7 Fun Things to Do Around Lake George (Adirondacks)

Lake George is nicknamed “The Queen of American Lakes” and for good reason! There are about 3,000 beautiful clean lakes in the Adirondack region. All are surrounded by lush forests and dozens of small charming towns to visit. Lake George is one of our favorites, with plenty to do in the surrounding area.  While not […]Read More

The awful truth of Bugs in the UP: 2021 Advice

Have you heard the horror stories of bugs in the UP?  The truth is there there are a lot of bugs up there, especially in late spring and early Summer (May-June)! But don't let them scare you off. All that beauty comes with a cost. And the bugs in the UP bite. The mosquitos are […]Read More

The 5 Best Electric Heaters for RVs (2021)

Our votes for the best electric heaters for RVs! Exploring the world in your RV can take you to magical places. But those magical places can come with cold weather, especially in the winter months! That means you will want the best space heater to keep your rig warm! Or, perhaps your RV’s pre-built propane […]Read More

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