ToGo buys RVillage but Thor is the real owner [Breaking News]

Thor Industrie's ToGo buys RVillage, the social media RV app and website that wanted to be the Facebook of the RV Lifestyle world. Some big RV breaking news today…. The big only get bigger. RVillage links up RVers in campgrounds, allowing them, and the campground, to communicate via its app. That means the ToGo Group […]Read More

Is RV Boondocking right for you? [UPDATED for 2021]

RV boondocking holds lots of appeal what with so many new folks embracing the RV Lifestyle and many veteran campers looking for an alternative to crowded campgrounds. Here's a complete guide. Let's start with a recollection of how Jennifer and I first experienced RV boondocking. Remembering our First RV Boondocking Trip It was the quiet […]Read More

The Uncertainty of RV Travel in 2021

What a year 2020 has been. We can’t wait till 2021 begins. But that said, there are no guarantees on what RV Travel in 2021 will be like. It promises to still be challenging. Very challenging in certain places. In fact, as we review all the growing travel restrictions, lockdowns and restrictions as we experience […]Read More

Off the Beaten Path RV Trip: Colonial Beach, VA

There's lots to see for the RVer in Colonial Beach, VA, as our off the beaten path reporters Tom & Patti Burkett report on the area known as the “playground of the Potomac.” If you get off US Highway 17 in Port Royal, Virginia, cross the Rappahannock River, and head toward the Potomac, you’ll eventually […]Read More

Post Thanksgiving Holiday Lemon Chicken

Our RV Recipe this week is for lemon chicken! If you are on an RV Adventure during the holidays and want to fix something special but healthy and not a lot of work… I have a Lemon Chicken recipe that may just fit the bill and be easy on the pocketbook as well!    Before […]Read More

Winter RV Camping: From Freezing to Fabulous

Have you been thinking about winter RV camping?  It's time to make your plans and get out there and do it. If you follow these suggestions, your winter RV Camping trip will be just as easy as it is in summer. You'll just wear a little more clothing! While international and airline travel has slowed […]Read More

RV Recipes: Scrumptious Seasoned Beef Tacos

This week's RV Recipes post is for everyone's favorite – seasoned beef tacos. You can easily make this in your RV! Most everyone loves a good taco but I'll share a recipe with you that will walk you through how to make a basic ground beef taco that has fantastic flavor and great texture…  Before […]Read More

RV Podcast #321: Using Google Photos [FREE!]

If you’re like most RVers, you take a lot of pictures. But what to do with them? In this week’s episode of the RV Podcast, we learn about using Google Photos and what it can do for you.  Our Interview of the Week guests are Chris and Jim Guld, known as the “Geeks on Tour” […]Read More

Age and RVing: Too old for the RV Lifestyle?

One of the most common questions we get has to do with age and RVing: When is someone too old for the RV Lifestyle? This specific question comes from Diane via our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group/  QUESTION: “Hubby and I are 64/62 and we were thinking we want to get an RV to start doing […]Read More

RV FAQ: Annoying RV Repair and service problems

If there is one single hot button topic sure to raise the dander on most RVers it has to do with RV repair and service problems. Let's see if we can help work through that. Let's answer this question from our RV Lifestyle Facebook Group from a reader named Todd, who writes: Question  “I'm new […]Read More

How to Get the Perfect Camp Host Job in 2021

Thinking about getting a camp host job or becoming a work camper? Now is the time to apply if you want to snag a work camping job in 2021! Camp host jobs are one of many options available to RVers that can reduce the cost of being on the road. However, it takes a lot […]Read More