13 Best Gifts for RV Owners (2021)

The best gifts for RV owners include gadgets, tools, and helpful guides. Jennifer and I made a video once about the top ten Christmas gifts for RV owners. But I thought I would extend that list to include even more great gifts! I’m going to share the Christmas gift video again with you below. Though […]Read More

The 11 Best Midwest Camping & RV Spots (By State!)

The best Midwest camping offers everything an outdoorsman loves: hiking, fishing, sightseeing, and taking in American beauty. The Midwest has gotten a bad rap as boring or “vanilla.” People often picture flatlands with unchanging sightlines, but that’s not the case… You don’t want to miss out on visiting this natural wonderland! Covered in lakes, rivers, […]Read More

Insider tips on how to get a camping reservation this summer [2021]

Frustrated about how to get a camping reservation this summer? We can help with some insider tips on using campground reservation technology. We know. There are a lot of people trying to book camping reservations this summer. Demand has never been higher. It seems like the entire country – frustrated after a long year of […]Read More

How to Make Big Money Renting your RV in 2021

If you have ever thought about renting your RV, 2021 is the time to start. It was inevitable that with RVs in such huge demand for road trips and camping vacations, the same peer-to-peer businesses would arise that came in the vacation home rental industry. That demand has increased exponentially because of the COVID restrictions […]Read More

On the Natchez Trace – Historical French Camp

Patti and Tom Burkett are regular off-the-beaten-path reporters for the RV Lifestyle. This week, they take us to the Natchez Trace and historical French Camp, LA  This is a story that starts with Louis LeFleur, who was born in a settlement near Fort Condé on the Gulf of Mexico.  As a young man, he operated flatboats […]Read More

9 Best RV Campgrounds in New Jersey

The best RV campgrounds in New Jersey offer some of the most beautiful and diverse outdoor experiences on the East Coast. New Jersey (NJ) provides the backdrop for some of the best camping around. With 130 miles of gorgeous Atlantic coastline and shaded pine forests, it is no wonder that New Jersey is a popular […]Read More

Latest Tips for Camping in the Badlands of South Dakota [2021]

One trip that belongs on every RVers bucket list is camping in the Badlands of South Dakota. It's easy to see why American Indians and the early settlers called the area of southwestern South Dakota the Badlands. They are dry, unbearably hot in the summer, rugged, isolated and – in the days before modern transportation – […]Read More

Beautiful Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park Camping & More

Away from the coastal beaches of Eastern Florida is a different type of beauty. In the much more rural community in the greater Lake Okeechobee area, you'll find the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park. This state park is a breathtaking expanse of horizon-to-horizon grassland encompassing 54,000 acres. Some may say it's a far cry from […]Read More

Save Big with an EFS Fuel Card for RV Travel

An EFS fuel card for RV travel can save you big every time you fuel up! Here is what we learned about it. If you travel in your RV as much as we do, you must get a headache every time you see your bill. We spend a lot on fuel. Over the years, I […]Read More

The Sad Future of RV Shows for 2021 and beyond

If you were disappointed that RV Shows around the country were mostly canceled last year, I have bad news for you. There will be many that simply will not happen again. A leading RV industry expert says in-person RV shows may be a thing of the past. With RV sales booming like never before, RV […]Read More

The 5 Best RV Shower Heads (2021 Reviews)

Here are the best RV shower heads to keep you feeling clean while living on the road! Why does a good shower head matter? Well, when you spend a lot of time traveling in your RV, like Jennifer and I do, taking a shower can be like one of the comforts from home. It makes […]Read More

Trainspotters Off the Beaten Path in Folkston, Georgia

One of the more unusual city parks you’ll find is in Folkston, Georgia. Trainspotters you say?   There’s a shelter, a bunch of picnic tables, a barbecue grill, clean public restrooms, and interpretive signage. What’s unusual about it is that it sits right alongside a very busy set of railroad tracks. And the shelter is […]Read More

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