How Long Does it Take to Hike 5 Miles? 

The answer varies depending on several factors, but we'll tell you the average and give you some tips! Part of the reason that Jennifer and I love to RV is to be able to hike in beautiful, new areas.  Perhaps you are new to hiking. Or, have just never ventured further than a couple of […]Read More

The Best Weather App for RV Travel in 2021

We have found the best weather app for RV travel. It takes the National Weather Service's weather forecast showing RVers the weather along their route at the time they reach each point. It allows comparison of different routes, creating stops, interactively changing departure time, and other features that help RVers plan trips around the weather. You […]Read More

5 Best Rain Ponchos for Hiking and Backpacking (2021)

You’ve been looking forward to hiking on your camping trip but now it won’t stop raining! No problem. Here is a guide to the best rain ponchos for hiking and backpacking. It happens to many of us. You’re in the middle of your hike and enjoying the beauty of nature when that dark cloud rolls […]Read More

Best RV Awning Cleaner Guide (Our 2021 Reviews)

A high-quality cleaner can make cleaning easier and extend the lifespan of your awning, so here's a guide to the best RV awning cleaning products. Jennifer and I rarely use our awning if we are staying only one night at a place. But when we stay longer, our awning becomes an extension of our living […]Read More

How and why to use an RV Macerator Pump

No RVer likes emptying the waste tanks. But the easiest way to do so in our book is through an RV macerator pump. We have had lots of different RVs (all Class B or Class C motorhomes) over the years and on every RV we've had, we've insisted on an RV macerator pump. Whenever I […]Read More

The 5 Best Things to Do in Munising Michigan

Munising MI was one of the first destinations Jennifer and I ventured to when we started RVing! Take a look at this video I did of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore all the way back in 2012 when Jennifer and I first started our RVing adventures. This isn’t even on our YouTube channel! This video […]Read More

How to Dewinterize Your RV or Camper for Spring

Spring is here and it's time to dewinterize your RV– Here's How! If you're like me, you took great care to winterize your RV at the end of the last season. But now it's that time of year to undo all that hard work. Even if it's been in winter storage, it's important to dewinterize […]Read More

2021 Camping Crisis: They’re shutting down boondocking

Across the country, officials are shutting down boondocking areas in many areas because of growing problems with vandalism, litter, and even human waste. Blame it on a combination of homeless encampments in some areas and inconsiderate campers who fail to clean up after themselves and keep clean campsites. But the result is the same, frustrated […]Read More

Best Tallulah Gorge State Park Camping in Georgia

Tallulah Gorge State Park is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia, and it’s easy to see why Tallulah Falls camping is so popular. Located in North Georgia, Tallulah Gorge is 1000 feet deep and 2 miles long.  It was formed by the Tallulah River, which visitors can hike alongside or whitewater raft if […]Read More

New Mexico Annual Camping Pass [Good in all State Parks 2021]

One of the sweetest deals anywhere is the New Mexico annual camping pass. It's good in all New Mexico State Parks An Annual New Mexico camping pass for all the state parks? Yep, all the camping you want for a flat fee. A few states sell annual camping passes, but nothing beats camping in New […]Read More

The 7 Best Camping Music Festivals in the USA

Here’s a guide to some of the best camping music festivals that are also RV-friendly. As a music fan, there’s nothing like the experience of attending a live music festival with your favorite artists. Outdoor festivals are the best ways to see a bunch of acts at once instead of waiting for each of their […]Read More

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