Bonding Over Our RVs

 Bonding Over Our RVs
Bonding Over Our RVs 1
Adding new dimensions to my life.

Friendships are unique. I value the many friendships I have developed over the years. It is not unusual when I travel in my rig, to stop and visit friends almost anywhere in the United states and Canada.

Now I have new friendships forming, good, healthy and kind ones. These friendships started because we have one thing in common, our RVs. Initially when I started to meet other Roadtrekers, we spoke a little and then went on our way. Now I am discovering very strong and good friendships are developing from the initial meeting of fellow RV'ers.

In the early spring of 2017, I was beginning to plan a trip to Alaska. The timing didn't feel right. Then dental issues showed up in my life, and I decided to put off Alaska for another time. This could have been disappointing yet thanks to fellow Roadtrekers and good friends my summer is turning out better than my expectations.

Bonding Over Our RVs 2
hiking near Donnelly
Bonding Over Our RVs 3
Linda & the treks heading to Donnelly

I am spending part of the summer in Donnelly, Idaho, 4800 plus feet up in the Rockies. Linda, who I met on that fateful weekend of the broken ankle, over a year ago, offered me her cabin (really a second home) in this small town. Elsie the cat and I assumed occupancy, in early June. I am enjoying the stability and larger digs. After a year of living full time in my SS Agile, I found I wanted time to rest and ponder the past year. Where have I been? What have I learned? Do I still want to be nomadic? What is next? The questions could go on ad infinitum. Linda's kind offer came at exactly the right time. Occasionally Linda comes from Boise to spend some time.  We hike and talk and enjoy each others's company. Our friendship develops more with each visit.

Bonding Over Our RVs 4
Sandy, Janet, Pat waiting for a boat tour of Payette Lake

Last Friday, Sandy and Pat, who I met at the Whitewater Draw Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona last winter, came for a visit. They camped in their RV, in the driveway and spent three wonderful days with me. We played tourist and hiked and talked and ate. I adore them both and am so glad that I met them. I am happy to call them friends. We found much common ground last winter and even more over the past three days. My Roadtrek is opening me up to good people and good friendships.

And then there is Mary. Many of you know Mary Zuschlag from her posts on the Roadtrek Facebook page and her beautiful photographs.  She was with Linda and I during that fateful broken ankle thing in the desert. In the middle of June I met up with her and her rafting friends in northern Montana. I became Mary's swamper for a seven day raft trip on the North Fork of the Flathead River. What a week it was. I had such good time and worked my tail off. Taking a private raft trip is very different than participating in a commercial tour. We worked hard, played a bit and relaxed a lot. If our rigs weren't involved, I wonder if Mary and I would have become friends. It is hard to know.

Bonding Over Our RVs 5
Mary & Janet on the Flathead River
Bonding Over Our RVs 6
Rafting the Flathead








This year's adventures with Mary and Linda are not over yet. There is more to come. I look forward to each time we meet. It is good to have friends scattered throughout these two countries. It makes it doubly fun to plan meet-ups and adventures together. Mary once said to me that she has been enjoying meeting other people who like to do the same type of adventuring as she does. Ditto.

Friendships have helped hold me up when things were getting rough over the past five and a half years. Now that life is smoothing out, ever so little, friendships are adding fun and adventure to my life. I am very thankful for the opportunities living in my Roadtrek has afforded me. I am thankful for the good people I am meeting and the developing friendships.