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RV Lifestyle Partners

Here is a list of our trusted RV Lifestyle partners, sponsors, and affiliates, whose products and services we can wholeheartedly recommend. Please browse through the list, or CLICK on the name of the company you are here to explore – and see all the offer special discounts and perks to our RV Lifestyle community!

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts RV Camping
Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is one of our very favorite places to overnight. It is a unique membership service that lets RVers camp overnight FOR FREE at lovely outdoor venues such as wineries, breweries, museums, farms, orchards, and creameries (it is recommended that you patronage these venues that you stay at).

There are more than 2,000 such places across North America to choose from.

There is also an upgraded membership where you can also camp overnight at golf courses!

Using this link and the discount code: HHFRIENDS15 you get 15% off Harvest Hosts annual membership.

Togo RV Plus

togo rv plus

Togo RV Plus INCLUDES access to all 14,000+ free boondocking locations in the app! Togo RV Plus also includes new RV GPS navigation that considers weight limits, low overhead clearances, grades of terrain, and propane restrictions to give you turn-by-turn directions specific to your RV. Just select a destination, add your vehicle size, and use the turn-by-turn in-app navigation. And it includes Roadtrippers Plus, where you can plan trips with up to 150 stops, collaborate with friends on route planning, and get real-time traffic along your route. Check it out – highly recommended! 

You can get $10 off your Togo RV PLUS annual membership using the discount code: RVLIFESTYLE21

Boondockers Welcome

boondockers welcome
Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is another unique service that lets you overnight on private property, often at the homes of welcoming hosts. They have over 2,000 members who have graciously opened up a spot on their property, where you can find a safe, quiet spot to spend the night as you are passing through the area.

The hosts are usually RVers themselves and I’ve never heard of anybody that has stayed at a Boondockers Welcome place that hasn’t come away with a new set of friends! Boondockers Welcome is a great option to turn to if you’re nearby a big city or in an area where it’s almost impossible to find a spot for the night unless you book 6+ months ahead of time.

If you’re interested in hosting RVers on your property, it is free to sign up and for every guest that visits you, Boondockers Welcome will give you 3 months free to their subscription!

You can get 15% off your Boondockers Welcome annual membership using the discount code: RVLIFESTYLE15

AllStays PRO

RV Lifestyle Partners 1

Many RVers are familiar with the AllStays app. It is awesome. But since Jennifer and I discovered AllStays Pro, the browser-based subscription site, we rely on it almost exclusively in our RV travels.

We use it for finding interesting places that really stand out, especially out of the way boondocking spots and free places to stay

Using this link and the discount code: rvpodcast you can save 10% off your All Stays Pro annual subscription.

RIS Insurance

RIS Insurance RV Insurance
RIS Insurance

We’ve used RIS Insurance (Formerly Blue Sky Insurance) for several years now as our RV Insurance provider, that’s why we’ve agreed to have them as a preferred partner for the RV Lifestyle brand. We did a podcast with them that you can listen to here

About once a year, when the summer season is winding down or before spring traveling begins, it's a good time to get an updated insurance quote to see how it compares. You can use this link to get a quote from RIS.

If you’re unsure even what to begin looking for when you start getting RV insurance quotes or if you're digging yours out to read the fine print – here are some tips. You don’t want to overpay for insurance and you also don’t want to be under-covered. So how do you find a happy medium? Here is the biggest aspect to think about in our opinion.

Do you have a total loss replacement or an actual cash value policy?

Some RVers get into an accident or a bad situation and only then start to look at the fine print of their insurance policies!

Having total loss replacement means that in the event your unit is damaged beyond repair, the insurance company will actually replace your unit with the same make and model or as close to it as they can find.

This is a huge difference from an actual cash value policy – which will only give you the depreciated cash value of the unit at the time of the loss!

Many RVers out there have been caught in this difference and ended up with a cash payout FAR LESS than the loan of what they owe on their rig.

You can also ask RIS about vacation liability, emergency expenses, and personal effects insurances.

If you're looking to shop your insurance or see what your options are, we definitely recommend our provider RIS Insurance

Click Here to get a quote from RIS.

Peace of Mind for RVs

Peace of Mind for RVs
PeaceofMindforRVs is an emergency transportation coverage solution that pays 100% of all ambulance charges. By Ground. By Air. Anywhere.

After hearing about this service we invited Tim Gustafson on the Podcast and signed up ourselves. Both Jennifer and I are now members.

Emergencies away from home can be scary and can leave you in financial ruin.  When it comes to ambulances, by ground or air, it isn’t up to you if your insurance company deems one medically necessary.  It isn’t even up to the EMT who is live on the scene. 

It is only up to the insurance company, and one out of seven ground ambulances get denied.  Air ambulances, due to the deregulation act of 1978, are classified as common carriers, and not a medical expense, making them one of the most denied claims by insurance companies. 

The good news is that you can go to and make sure that, if you need an air ambulance, you don’t get stuck with the $50,000+ bill. provides emergency transportation coverage that covers 100% of all ground ambulances, air ambulances, and a slew of additional benefits, like return home services, recuperate close to home, visitor transportation, vehicle return, and more. 

You will also have the ultimate peace of mind with this coverage because you are covered everywhere: in your permanent home, on the road with or without your RV (if you tent camp, you are covered too!), and worldwide.

Wholesale Warranties

wholesale warranties RV Warranty
Wholesale Warranties

After doing an interview on our podcast with Wholesale Warranties, we decided to partner with them to recommend them for RV Extended Warranties to our readers.

We know RV are complex machines with many parts, and high repair costs can be an unfortunate twist in your RV journey.

Having an RV Extended Warranty can help to erase those undesirable and unexpected costs. The truth is, RV’s have a very high chance of breakdown and there’s no more stressful situation than having your vacation or road trip interrupted by mechanical repairs.

More than that, an Extended Warranty offers peace of mind for what is usually the second most expensive purchase you'll ever make, outside of your home.

  • Maintenance items or aesthetic items such as light bulbs, glass, and furniture.
  • Anything that’s covered by your comp and collision insurance, accidents and physical damage as well as anything caused by weather or acts of God.

Here is what it is going to cover:

  • Pretty much every electrical working component on the RV. That ranges from engine or transmission failure down to all of your coach components.
  • Your heating and cooling, air conditioning, slide-outs, leveling systems, refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs.

The typical RV Extended Warranty is not a monthly expense like insurance, they are usually a one-time purchase that covers you for 2-7 years. And once you have the warranty, you are locked into that policy and no matter how many claims you make.

Click Here to get a free, no-strings-attached quote from Wholesale Warranties.


Beddy's - RV Bedding

Beddy's is the most innovative RV bedding solution we have ever seen. We like them so much we bought two of them for our RV's twin beds.

The entire bedding goes on the mattress like a fitted sheet. It's one piece with the bottom sheet sewn (permanently) inside. It stays in place. There is no bunching up.

Beddy's advertises itself as “the bed that practically makes itself.”

Their slogan is “Zip your Bed.”

And while they were first sold for regular beds like you'd find in a house, they now also specialize in RV bedding.

Beddy's is in one piece with a zipper all around. You can unzip the top so it completely detaches from the bottom so you can kick your legs out if desired. Or use the zipper to tuck you in nice and snug. Your choice.

Because the bed attached to the mattress, in the morning, you just “zip your bed” and it is completely neat and made up.

Here's a video and blog review we did on Beddy's. They come in many different styles and colors.

If you are uncertain what style or color to order, Beddy's will send out 2 x 3 in fabric samples to help you make a decision. Just go to

Organized Obie

we took our new rig to organize and maximize rv storage space
Organized Obie

We love these products so much that when we got our new RV, one of the first things we did is added a bunch of Organized Obie organizational and storage nets and products. Here's a blog and video showing how we used these products in our current RV.

Organized Obie specializes in aftermarket organizational solutions for Recreational Vehicles, boats, and other places where storage may be tight. They make a wide variety of mesh and stretch nets using bungee cords and specially woven material that keeps things organized and secure.

We picked out an assortment of bags, nets, hangars, hooks, shower organizers, a unique shower towel rack, and various others.

If you use the promo code RVLIFESTYLE they'll give you 5% off the cost of your order.

Winegard ConecT 2.0

RV Lifestyle Partners 2

The Winegard ConnectT 2.0 is a WiFi extender and 4G LTE router.

To further explain, it is a secure hotspot that can connect multiple devices in and around your RV to the Internet, either by a Wi-Fi extender that brings in Wi-Fi signals from what’s around you, or if it can’t do that it will tap into the 4G LTE cellular network depending on what network/data plan you have. We have a Verizon data plan.

Thankfully, this came pre-installed in our LTV Unity. On Amazon this unit is $399

WeBoostDrive 4G-X

RV Lifestyle Partners 3

The WeBoost Drive 4G-X is a professional cell signal booster.

We rely a lot on our cellphones when we’re traveling but sometimes, we’re in remote areas where a cellphone signal is marginal at best!

The cell booster extends cellular signal range making it possible to turn a weak signal into a strong one.

I can’t begin to count the number of times over the years that this cell booster made all the difference in getting me a useable cell connection which I can then use as a hotspot for the Internet.

Empire Covers

RV Lifestyle Partners 4
AN RV Cover on a Class B campervan

Fall is around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about prepping for the offseason. Whether you own an RV, a travel trailer, or a camper, is here to help you protect all your vehicles against Mother Nature. offers high-quality, affordable covers that are engineered to protect. Every cover comes with a free multi-year warranty to guarantee that it remains durable over time.

If you’re not in need of a full cover, Empire has just launched a line of RV rooftop covers that keep the roof of your RV clean and protect it from UV rays. Listeners can receive free shipping and 60% off the original price of their cover order.

Visit or use promo code RV60 at checkout., protect what you love.

Camping World

RV Lifestyle Partners 5
Camping World

When we’re on a roadtrip we always seem to find a way to stop at a Camping World center. There are over 225 Camping World locations all over across the country and there’s always one close by when we need parts and accessories for our RV – or just want to shop. In fact, we have so much fun with Camping World as one of our Sponsors. And they have agreed to offer 10% off on purchases over $99 from 

Use this link and use this promo code: RVLIFESTYLE10

RV Trip Wizard/RVLife PRO

RV Lifestyle Partners 6
You can learn more about this tool at

RV Trip Wizard is now part of the RV LIFE Pro suite of tools! Now all subscribers have access to RV Trip Wizard + Premium features of RV LIFE – RV Safe GPS App + Maintain My RV!

Planning an RV Trip has never been easier than with RV TripWizard. It is a comprehensive tool that Jennifer and I use whenever we are planning a trip. It works seamlessly with all our devices and gives us access to the info we need on where to stop, what camping is nearby, and what we should do in an area.

Best of all, you can try it for free to see how it will fit into your trip planning process.

See all the information you're looking for on your devices. The RV Trip Planner is set up so you can do everything from one screen. Your trip on the left panel, your map centered, and your research panel to the right to find campgrounds, points of interest, and potential hazards.

Use this link for a discount:


RV Lifestyle Partners 7
The SoftStartRV installs on the RV air conditioner to help it run off your RV battery system and low power hookups

Use this link for a discount! 

Excerpt from an interview (read the full interview and watch the video right here)

Mike Wendland:  You turn on the air and you hear the fan, then it goes clunk. And that's when the compressor is on.

Mike Sokol:  That's exactly right. It's like revving up the engine on your car and dropping the clutch. It's this big bang that tries to start this thing up quickly. And because it's doing it quickly, it's got to have a lot of juice in there. That's what makes generators trip out. That's what trips 20 amp circuit breakers if you're moochdocking and that can in fact trip, even trip 30 amp services, if you've got other things running at a campground. Make sense?

It's pretty ingenious because what it does is it smooths out this startup cycle. Think of it as kind of an automatic transmission where it just kind of smooths you into the thing. And it does it by chopping up the amount of current that's going in to start this up.

  • Starts RV A/C With a Small Generator (e.g. Honda 2200i)
  • Run 2 A/Cs On a 30-amp Hookup (with 2 units)
  • “Best in Industry” Warranty Included In Price
  • Small at just 6”x3”x3” and weighs under 2 pounds.
  • Free Shipping Anywhere In USA & Canada
  • Free Turnkey Install Kit, Screws, Tiles, Wire Caps, etc.
  • Free Web Install Videos, Guides, Directions
  • Tech Support “Live” Rooftop Installation Calls
  • 3 Helpful LEDs Show Status: Start, Run, And Fault
  • Built-In Start Capacitor
  • Waterproof and Resistant Case
  • Free Tech Install Ticket Support System

Rad Power Bikes

RV Lifestyle Partners 8
We love our Rad Power eBikes!

Jennifer and I are proud e-bike owners and the e-bike we chose were Rad Power Bikes – American’s number 1 e-bike brand offering direct-to-consumer pricing on these powerful premium bikes. We love our bikes and we use them to go around the campground or go explore the area we’re in. I have the City bike version and hers is the step-through and those are just two of a whole bunch of different models offered by Rad Power Bikes. These are full throttle bikes and can reach 20mph with zero pedaling with 5 levels of pedal assist to make the going just a little bit easier. You can save $75 plus get free shipping! 

Go to: Use the coupon code: RVLIFESTYLE

Battleborn Batteries

RV Lifestyle Partners 9
Battleborn Batteries

When we’re asked what’s the most important modification we made to our RV it’s an easy answer — Battleborn Batteries. Battleborn Batteries are quality, safe, reliable lithium batteries that allow us to stay out there off the grid longer. Lithium batteries charge faster and charge fuller – they are longer lasting and they’re maintenance-free. And Battle Born Batteries are protected by a 10-year guarantee. Now in our case, they just dropped into the existing AGM batteries that we have. Battleborn Battery experts can get those in your rig just like they did with ours. 

Go to: 


They say it best: “You know the pain. It is hard to find campsites. The information is simply not there (unless you stay where everyone else does). No one was doing anything about it. Google Streetview never went in to the campground and Google Earth can not see through trees. We had to make this happen. We want to help you find amazing sites and have better camping trips. Our goal is massive… let’s get every single campground at our fingertips in virtual tours. Right now we have over 200 parks live and hundreds more on the way (nearly all in the Western States). We have teams actively out capturing more across the country!”

Go to: for a 5% discount

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