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7 Best Screen Tents for Camping

All campers have our moments when we want to escape the elements (in short, heat, rain, and bugs!). So here are the 7 best screen tents! 

A good screen tent, also known as a screen room, can be set up in under a minute by only one or two people. 

This can be useful when bad weather suddenly turns on you. Sure, you can retreat to your RV, but we want to enjoy the outdoors when camping. High-quality screen tents can help you do that with relative comfort.

For instance, once the screen tent is up, it will give you some much-needed shade on a hot day. The enclosed nature will keep the bugs away so you can eat a meal, lounge, or even work remotely in peace. And the screens allow for a pleasant breeze to roll through.

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7 Best Screen Tents for Camping on the Market Today

Here is a list of the best screen tents and what makes them different from each other so you can choose the right one for you.

1 – CLAM Quick-Set 12 x 12 Foot Escape Portable Pop Up Screen Tent

Size is a major factor when choosing the best screen tent for you. This CLAM screen tent boasts 110 square feet, on the upper end in size.  It is our favorite of all the screen tents we have seen.

It’s even spacious enough to fit a full-size picnic table inside for 6-8 people, which is helpful when eating in a humid, bug-infested campsite.

It’s also one of the pricier options, but for good reason. It will keep you dry with a water-resistant roof with taped seams. The CLAM will even keep you from getting sunburned by offering 50+ UV ray protection.

For being so roomy in size, it boasts a 45-second setup time and no assembly required. It folds down to a manageable size and at 34 pounds makes for easy storage.

The CLAM is also one of the most recommended screen tents by RV Lifestyle readers on our Facebook group, so my thanks go out to them for sharing!

2 – Gazelle Pop-Up Portable 6-Sided Hub Gazebo/Screen Tent

This is another extra large size screen tent recommended by our readers. 

The Gazelle is nearly the same usable size than the CLAM and it has all of the same high-end key features. This includes efficient waterproofing and UV protection. 

The assembly is also easy at 45 seconds and weighs only 34 pounds for easy transport. Like the CLAM, you can buy wind resistance panels separately if you’re camping somewhere particularly breezy.

3 – Coleman Screened Canopy Instant Setup

The Coleman has even more extra space at 120 square feet of floor area. But with this extra size means extra set-up time at 3 minutes and a whopping 45 pounds folded down.

But don’t let that discourage you. The transport bag has wheels so that extra weight won’t feel that much heavier. 

There are also some advantages to this heavier model. Its extra weight makes it sturdier to withstand strong winds and heavy rain.

This one even comes equipped with two doors for easy access, creating a feeling of a “front” and “back” door in its 6 total sides. The mesh walls are removable so you can have the option of increasing airflow.

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4 – Alvantor Screen House Instant Pop Up Tent

On the other end of the weight spectrum, the Alvantor is the best tent if you’re looking for the lightest available that also features a large usable space.

At only 26 pounds, this screen tent has 10 walls and can comfortably seat over 12 adults! This makes the Alvantor a good option when traveling with a large family.

This makes it one of the pricier options on this list, but it is missing some features serious campers will miss.

While this tent has UV protection, it is not waterproof and not the sturdiest given its lightweight. So I would not recommend this model if you anticipate experiencing any inclement weather conditions.

The benefits are the easy pop-up installation and fold down, and even come in smaller sizes at even lighter weights if that makes more sense for you.

5 – Coleman Instant Screenhouse

This Coleman Instant Screenhouse model comes in two sizes, 15 x 13 and 10 x 10. Both sizes offer a lot of usable space and the 10 x 10 is only 25 pounds. 

Its center height is even 7 feet high in case you have any tall people in your group. Even though it’s light, this Coleman comes with steel pegs to anchor your screen tent and keep it sturdy. 

Unlike the other Coleman on this list, this one is easy to set up in under a minute.

6 – Tailgaterz Magnetic Screen House

What makes the Tailgaterz special is the magnetic doors. 

The Tailgaterz is the best screen tent for you if you go in and out of your screen tent a lot or like to have your hands full carrying food and drinks. 

Rather than fiddling with a zipper to keep the bugs out, you can be hands-free entering and exiting. The magnets will help automatically close the door behind you.

Its design will also fit nicely over a standard picnic table, so this model isn’t lacking in size.

However, the magnetic doors are not as airtight sealed as the zippers on other models and the roof isn’t waterproof. Keep this in mind as you choose what matters more to you when choosing a screen tent.

7 – Ozark Trail Instant Screenhouse

The Ozark is the best screen tent that costs under $100. 

Its simple and no-frills construction lends to its affordable price, still offering ample protection from bugs and the sun. 

It’s 10 x 10 feet and 7 feet tall, with an easy one-minute set-up that could qualify it as one of the instant tents. 

The slanted design does mean slightly less than 100 square feet of usable space inside. But it’s still spacious and only weighs a total of 17 pounds.

It's not a great option for withstanding rain, but is solid in windy conditions and would probably be fine in light rain.

Overall, the Ozark has the most reasonable price if you’re searching for the best screen tent in 2021.

Best Screen Tents for Camping?

Do you have a favorite screen tent to use while camping in your RV? Please let us know in the comments what you think are the best screen tents!

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Published on 2022-07-18

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14 Responses to “7 Best Screen Tents for Camping”

September 12, 2022at10:55 am, Bob Palin said:

I have the Clam 12×12 and love it, note that only the brown one is compatible with the rain panels which work really well. I’m not sure about the SPF50 rating, I sat in mine for a few hours a few weeks ago and my bald head got burnt, that was the only time I wasn’t wearing a hat. (Admittedly I was at 10,000 feet where the sun is very strong but…)
You will need extra stakes and guy ropes if you want to use it in any kind of wind, it has attachments for guy lines all over it but they only supply a few.


September 14, 2022at3:38 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Thanks, Bob, for these helpful tips! Team RV Lifestyle


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[…] keep the whole group bug-free without scents or fires, a screen tent is the best solution. We have an entire post just for […]


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[…] have a list of the Best Screen Tents for Camping; however, those all have mesh sides. This AxplorOutdoor pop-up screen tent also has mesh sides, but […]


July 19, 2022at7:46 am, Peter S Donaldson said:

We just purchased the Timber Ridge Screen tent from Costco. It comes with one wind panel is about the same size as the clam and almost have the price.


July 19, 2022at5:15 pm, Team RV Lifestyle said:

Good to know! Thanks for sharing, Peter – Team RV Lifestyle


April 17, 2022at10:08 am, Michele Dawn Wilson said:

Do you know of any screen tents that would also have shades?


January 14, 2022at9:05 am, 5 Best Mosquito & Bug Nets for Camping (2022) said:

[…] for outdoor camping or lounging in hammocks. For RVers who want a bug-free lounge area, I recommend screen tents […]


January 14, 2022at6:15 am, 5 Best Mosquito & Bug Nets For Camping (2022) | RV Lifestyle said:

[…] for outdoor camping or lounging in hammocks. For RVers who want a bug-free lounge area, I recommend screen tents […]


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[…] Use a screen tent to let you get outside but keep the flies and skeeters out. We recently did a review on the five best ones for RVers. See it at […]


March 27, 2021at10:21 am, Toni Mariani, Author said:

Great topic!
I bought the number one pick! The clam, 12*12.
Any of the pop-up styles, can be one person set-up!


March 25, 2021at7:33 pm, wendy said:

which screen tent is best for one person set up?


March 10, 2022at11:58 am, Adam Sherman said:

The SansBug pop-up screen tent comes in a 1-person size.


March 25, 2021at10:21 am, Nancy Jenkins said:

Some of these tents shown I guess can use over a tent, and during covid some could be used as a bubble. Some of the dome types have seen being used at restaurants in their patios. I would use for extra cover over my Dodge van, and extra cover over any of my tent collections and just in yard.


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