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Don’t Fall! 10 Ways to Make Your Dangerous RV Steps Safer

| Updated Jan 15, 2024

Are your RV steps slippery and unstable? Regardless of your age or mobility, you should consider how to make your dangerous RV steps safer…

While fold-down steps are a convenient way to enter your RV, they aren’t always the safest. We’ve heard too many stories of people falling off or slipping between the steps, with too many broken bones to ignore.

So, in this article, we will cover several ways you can make your dangerous RV steps safer. This list includes easy DIY fixes, affordable products, and more drastic solutions, if needed.

We hope that regardless of age or mobility, you at least consider implementing the first 3 safety measures. Because, trust us, it’s not just older people getting hurt on RV steps. 

We’ve heard of entire camping trips ruined by dangerous RV stairs, as the campers end up spending all their time at the emergency room.

10 Ways to Make Dangerous RV Steps Safer

Dangerous RV Steps

We will start with simple yet effective ways to make your steps safer. Then, we’ll work up to more drastic solutions for those who need them to access their RV safely.

By the way, we also have an article on RV Safety Products for Seniors & RVers with Disabilities worth reading.

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1. Apply Carpet Mats to Treads

One of the easiest, most affordable ways to make your RV steps safer is to apply carpet mats to each stair tread. These mats, or stair covers, greatly reduce your chance of slipping, especially in wet weather.

Plus, they will help keep dirt out of your RV! We also recommend outdoor rugs for that same reason.

2. Apply Glow in the Dark Tape to Treads

Speaking of cheap and easy, you can make it drastically safer to climb your RV steps at night with tape. This outdoor glow-in-the-dark tape lights the way for you.

Installation couldn’t be easier. Simply run a line of tape along the front of each tread to highlight where each step is.

Preview Product Price
Lockport Glow in The Dark Tape Lockport Glow in The Dark Tape $11.99Amazon Prime

3. Use a Stair Stabilizer Stand

If your RV steps feel wobbly and unstable, you can purchase a stair stabilizer stand. This accessory provides additional support and stability to your steps, making them safer to use. 

There are several options available, but this Camco Adjustable Step Brace is highly rated. And, as you probably know, Camco is a trusted brand in the RV world.

Preview Product Price
Camco Adjustable Step Brace Camco Adjustable Step Brace $18.39Amazon Prime

4. Add an Additional Step

Sometimes getting on and off the first step is the biggest challenge.  If you’ve ever caught your foot on the first step or stepped off too hard on the ground, you know what we mean.

If your RV steps are too high, you can close the gap with a portable step. This adjustable aluminum foldable platform step is a great option that can be easily set up and adjusted to the desired height.

5. Install a Stair Rail

Don’t Fall! 10 Ways to Make Your Dangerous RV Steps Safer 1

This was the very first thing we installed on our new 5th wheel – you can see it right here

Installing a stair rail can provide extra support and stability when going up and down your RV steps. This extended assist rail attaches to the side of your RV and provides a sturdy handhold to grip onto.

If needed and depending on your RV’s layout, you can even install one on each side of the door.

This is the one we use – the MORryde Safe-T-Rail.

6. Replace Floating Steps with Solid Steps

Another option many RVers choose is to replace their floating steps with solid steps. Solid steps rest on the ground, adding a lot more stability.

These Lippert solid steps are a popular choice. They easily swing up when not in use and have adjustable-length feet. Lippert also sells a solid step handrail to complete your safe stair setup.

Preview Product Price
Lippert solid steps Lippert solid steps $350.10

7. Use Portable Steps with Handrail

Portable steps are a good option, especially if you stay in one place for extended periods of time. They’re not the easiest to set up and lug around, but they do provide a stable setup. 

These portable stairs have a handrail, and according to reviews, are fairly easy to assemble, move, and set up.

Preview Product Price
Kinchoix 2 Step RV Stairs Kinchoix 2 Step RV Stairs $125.99Amazon Prime

8. Use a Pet Ramp

Humans aren’t the only ones who struggle to use RV steps. Many RVers (including us) travel with their dogs, and stairs can be dangerous for them, too.

Small and older dogs often have the most trouble. But you can make it safer and easier for them with a portable pet ramp. A fellow RVer from our RV Lifestyle Facebook group recommends the WeatherTech pet ramp. She shared pictures of her setup in the group.

Don’t Fall! 10 Ways to Make Your Dangerous RV Steps Safer 2

Of course, this pet ramp may be a good stair alternative for some humans, too. Just be sure you find a handrail solution to make up for not having four legs.

Preview Product Price
WeatherTech PetRamp WeatherTech PetRamp $134.95Amazon Prime

9. Install a Lift

If stairs aren’t a safe option for you at all, there is still a solution to keep your RV dream alive. Life Lyfts offers great RV step assist products, including lifts for your RV and tow vehicle. 

So, even dangerous RV steps can’t keep you from the RV Lifestyle! The company even offers financing.

10. Build Your Own

Don’t Fall! 10 Ways to Make Your Dangerous RV Steps Safer

Many handy RVers opt to build their own safety solutions. Some build stairs that they design to stay in place for permanent campsites or design to take along with them. 

Others build accessories to make their stairs safer. For instance, a member of our RV Lifestyle Facebook group built diamond plate sheet metal guards to prevent them from slipping between the stairs.

Don’t Fall! 10 Ways to Make Your Dangerous RV Steps Safer 3

So, if you’re handy enough, you may find that the best solution is one you build!

7 Safety Products for Seniors & RVers with Disabilities

Making your stairs safer is just one of several ways to make RV travel safer. This is especially true for seniors and RVers with disabilities.

We have a whole range of RV safety products on this list that will help make your RV accessible, big and small! You should also check out our list of 10 Best Comfort Accessories since getting comfortable in a smaller space can be a big challenge for some.


If you tow your RV behind a vehicle, this nifty accessory is for you.

The genius of this item is in its simplicity. It looks like a broken bicycle grip, but it slips into the metal door latch to help you get in and out of your vehicle. It safely supports up to 300 pounds.

You can easily store it in the vehicle door pocket, center console, or purse. 

KEEP READING to see all 7 safety products…

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August 15, 2023at11:13 am, John Sutjak said:

We have a boating background and one of the first things you learn is to go up and down stairs facing the stairs. I continue to do this with our trailer. You feel much more stable when you are facing the stairs and can get a better grip on the support handle next to the door.


August 18, 2023at10:22 am, Team RV Lifestyle said:

A good tip – Thanks for sharing, John! Team RV Lifestyle


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