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5 Best Dishes for RV Camping & Living (2023)

Looking for durable, lightweight, and easy-to-store dishes? Here are the best dishes for RV camping…

Dishes can present a big challenge for RVers since we must work with limited space and a maximum GVWR. We mustn't pack too much or too heavy. Yet, we need to make sure we have enough dishes for the entire family.

The good news is there are excellent camping dishes perfect for RV owners. They're lightweight, durable, and easy to store. And the best part is they come in different sizes and colors.

We're going to talk about the different types of dishes and materials that are best for RV use. Then, we will list a few great options so you can find the best RV dish set for you.

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4 Popular Types of RV Dishes

5 Best Dishes for RV Camping & Living (2023)

There are 4 popular types of RV dishes based on the material they are made of. Each type has its own unique features and benefits, making them a popular choice for RV camping. Whether you're looking for lightweight and shatterproof melamine dishes or durable and long-lasting stainless steel dishes, there's a type of RV dish that's perfect for your outdoor activities.

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw dishes are eco-friendly dinnerware made from leftover wheat stalks. They are durable, lightweight, and dishwasher-safe. These dishes are a great alternative to single-use plastic plates and can help reduce waste.

However, not all of them are microwave-safe, so be sure to read the descriptions carefully.


Melamine material is popular for RV dishes because it's lightweight, shatterproof, and comes in many different colors and designs. It's also affordable and easy to find.

However, melamine dishes are not microwave safe and can scratch easily.


Paper plates are lightweight, easy to use, and take up less and less space as you use them. They're also disposable, which makes them a good choice for those who don't want to spend vacation time doing dishes.

However, paper plates aren't eco-friendly and can be expensive over time. You'll end up spending more money in the long run.

If you do opt for paper plates, we recommend these 100% compostable and eco-friendly paper plates.


Did we just say that glass plates are popular among RVers? Yes, we did because many RVers (especially full-timers) prefer eating off traditional dinnerware.

Granted, we're not talking about fine china here. But there are strong, durable glass options available. We include one such option in the list below!

5 Best Dishes for RV Camping & Living (2023) 1
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5 Top Picks for RV Dinnerware

When deciding on RV dishes, you must consider your RV cabinets' depth. Measuring your shelf space before you purchase is always a good idea. It can save you from buying 11-inch dinner plates when you can only fit 10-inch dinner plates!

We also highly recommend not buying too many dishes. This is one of the most common overpacking mistakes. Experienced RVers (us included) advise you only to take one or two of each type of dish per person. For instance, an RVing couple should only have 2-4 plates, 2-4 bowls, 2-4 cups, etc.

When you have just enough dishes, you'll save space and weight. PLUS, it's easier to keep your RV tidy.

Alright, let's jump into our picks for the best dinnerware to take on your RV camping trip.

1. CAMBUY Wheat Straw Plates

This set comes with four soft green, yellow, pink, and blue plates available in 3 sizes: 10″, 8″, and 6″. They are made of friendly natural materials, including wheat straw, starch, and food-safe PP material. They are BPA-free, non-toxic, and safe for your family.

These plates are microwave and dishwasher-safe, with temperature resistance up to 248 ℉. The degradable wheat straw plates are a great replacement for plastic plates, making them an excellent choice for those looking to protect the environment.

2. FOODLE Wheat Straw Complete Dinner Set for 4

If you're looking for a COMPLETE dish set, then this one's for you. It comes with flatware, cups, bowls, and dinner plates.

These eco-friendly plates are made from wheat straw fiber and are 100% BPA free, non-toxic, and odorless. They are also dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.

You can choose a classic gray set or from 3 colored sets. At less than $40, this complete set is a great deal.

3. Amazon Basics Teal Swirl Melamine Dinnerware

The Amazon Basics 12-Piece Melamine Dinnerware Set is a perfect fit for RV use. This set is made of durable, break-resistant melamine material and has an attractive design that takes camp casual to the next level.

It includes service for four, with 10.5-inch dinner plates, 8.8-inch salad plates, and 7.5-inch bowls, making it suitable for everyday use. The set is dishwasher-safe (top-rack only) for easy cleaning, but not microwave-safe. Plus, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty from Amazon Basics.

4. Gibson Home Brist Blue Melamine Dinnerware Set

This is another great set of lightweight dishes. It's a 12-piece set with 4 dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls.

The different shades of blue are a great way to add color to your RV life. The durable, chip resistant melamine is top rack dishwasher safe. But, being melamine, these dishes are not microwave safe.

5. Corelle Vitrelle Triple-Layer-Strong Glass Plates & Bowls

If you can't bring yourself to use plastic-like dishes, then these Corelle plates and bowls are for you. They are very durable for glass with a triple layer that makes them highly chip and crack-resistant.

This dinnerware set also has a lightweight design that allows for compact stacking. They take up half the space of ceramic dishes. So, they're a great addition to your kitchen, especially if you spend a lot of time RVing.

Best of all, they are microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe. You can select a classic white or choose from a few different designs.

These plates can survive a standard RV trip no problem. But, if you're worried about these glass dishes breaking or clattering while driving, you can always use felt plate separators.

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5 Best Dishes for RV Camping & Living (2023) 2

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