Janet Arnold is Moving On

I have been a guest reporter on Mike Wendland’s blog, RV Lifestyle, for over six years. I always considered it an honor to be invited and have enjoyed my frequent to infrequent posts to this blog.  Time moves on and I feel it is time to move on as well. As Mike and Jennifer have […]Read More

Riding Route 6

I really enjoy traveling through rural and small town America. I have found such interesting and curious things off the main road.  During my first trip in my rig in 2013 I ended up at the tail end of a parade in a small town in southern Minnesota. People cheered and I waved. It was […]Read More

Rallying & Joining the International Percy Fan Club

A month ago Miss Elsie and I packed up our RV  EmmyLou, and began the drive east from San Diego. We are at times meandering our way to New Jersey and other times, well we are putting on the miles so we can have time to visit with family, friends and get ready for the […]Read More

Self-diagnosing RV Problems on the Road

One day a few weeks ago I was walking back to my rig when I noticed a tube hanging underneath my rig. Oh no!!!! What was that, and why had I not seen that before? My first reaction is panic and all the wild questions roll around in my head. What is that? Is it […]Read More

Small Person Driving Big

It is hard to believe that I have owned my Roadtrek SS Agile campervan for close to six years. It is even harder to believe that I have been full timing it with Elsie the Cat for over two years. Where does the time go? What do I do next? How long do I want […]Read More

Living the Full Time Life

I have been living in my Roadtrek SS Agile Class B campervan for over two years now. As the seasons roll into winter I take time to ponder what is good and not so good about this lifestyle. How long do I want to do this? Where is my next stop? Do I want to […]Read More

Living the Not So Perfect Life

Have you ever done stupid things, not blatantly stupid but funny stupid and then you have to suffer the consequences? Well, welcome to my world. It is amazing the interesting things that happen to me. It is not only since I have owned my Roadtrek SS Agile, yet, now it seems these events, more often […]Read More

When Plan A Doesn’t Work Out

I have been traveling on Vancouver Island for a month. The last few days have found me on another island, San Juan Island, WA. It has been a good month. I highly recommend spending time on Vancouver Island. I felt a month was going to be a good emersion time, yet I was wrong. I […]Read More

A Mountain Biking and Railroad Lover’s Adventure

Many years ago I was visiting a good friend in Santa Cruz, CA. He suggested that we go camping at Point Reyes National Seashore. We took his two mountain bikes and biked into one of the campsites near the ocean.  I had never been on a mountain bike before. As we were dropping down the […]Read More

Meandering through Nebraska

I am moving west. It is a slight push as I need to be in Boise by early next week. Elsie the cat is going to visit friends of ours for two weeks while I venture north on a small ship Alaska Cruise for two weeks. How cool is that? I have been traveling across […]Read More

Janet finds help for her electrical issue

A few days ago I discovered three outlets in my Roadtrek SS Agile were not working. Oh no, major crisis. Any time anything goes wrong it becomes major, immediately in my mind. My anxiety level increases and I have to remind myself to breathe. There is very little in this world that is not fixable. […]Read More

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