Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment

 Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment

Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment 1I am not a mechanically inclined. I am not a handy-person. When things break I take them somewhere and someone fixes them. I can recognize my limitations and honor them. Don't get me wrong, I like to muck around, especially since Jim died. I have learned to do many things that I would have run to him for.

I successfully repaired the drip irrigation system when I had my “sticks and bricks” home. I learned to take of electrical stuff and painted and more. When it comes to Emmylou, my Roadtrek, I have been more hesitant to experiment too much. Who knows what is behind those walls. I certainly don't want to blow up my current full time home. No thank you.
Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment 2Today I became the handy fix it person in my Roadtrek. I finally decided that I was tired of the “sometimes it works-sometimes it doesn't” bathroom door latch. Last fall, with the help of Jeff Curry I was able to put the new latch on the bathroom door. Although, it works, I have been concerned about the give in the door when I am moving. To help give more security to the door I have added magnets to the top and bottom of the door. Now that sucker isn't move unless I want it to.

I know that some of you are probably saying big deal. It is a big deal for me. Every time I venture into doing something with my RV, I worry and fuss and think that maybe I should ask the expert.  I have been thinking of these door magnets for a long time. I feel good that I finally became courageous enough to attempt this home project. I pulled out my drill, the bits and more, put a cloth over my counter so nothing would be damaged and went to town. I like using tools. It is kind of fun to hold a battery run drill. It is fun to see the results when they turn out well. I feel like a big girl today and I am proud of myself.

This is not my first project with the RV yet each time I feel a sense of accomplishment. What other projects have I done?

  • Right after I got my rig, I decided I wanted a screen door. Sometimes it is good to not know what you are doing as I drilled holes in the walls near the door to secure the sides of the screen door. I am now on the second screen door. I don't think it is the last one. I still want to create one that will keep Miss Elsie the Cat inside without a leash on.
  • Replacing my cabinet latches was a fun and learning project for me. It makes me feel good every time I look at my cabinets. I even had to buy a new tool. That alone was fun.
  • I added more snaps to the back screen door. I did not trust Elsie to stay in with the ones that were there when I bought it. I need to replace that screen now and I am still deciding whether it is something I can do or if I will buy a new one through Roadtrek.
  • Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment 3Since I have been in San Diego this time I have replaced one of the drawer's roller catches. I walked around Home Depot like many men seem to do and stared at things until I found what I wanted.  Now my drawer does not roll out unexpectedly on those twisty roads I so love.

I know, there may have been better ways to fix my door. There may have been better magnets to use. All I ask for all you capable fix-it type people don't tell me about the better ways. Just say good job Janet and if I ever meet up with you, then we can discuss if there is a better solution. Right now let me proud of myself.?

Hmmm….I wonder what my next project will be.



  • Great post! Keep going, every project is easier than the last, and you’re gaining knowledge and skills. I am a 60-year-old woman and I have totally redone the interior of my camper, including ripping out the dinnette and building a storage couch. I even had to replace the electrical inverter. You can see my camper at http://WackyPup.blogspot.com please let me know what you think!!

    • I will do this

  • great post! it’s the same for everyone- identify the problem, think it through, find the parts, put it together, and best of all, the sense of satisfaction you get when you do it yourself. everybody can do this, and in an RV, you can’t go running to the dealership for every little thing.

  • Ah, the early signs. Once you do this a couple of times, you are hooked. Just try not to let it get to the point where you end up jacking up the RT and crawling under it. 🙂

    • I will try to remember your advice

  • You have inspired me to go to the home repair store and look for the little things that need fixing. I always take it to a “pro” and it cost many times more than it should.

  • Check out the YouTube channel Humble Road for his Class B screen door project — yes, an actual door! He’s got amazing skills, so it’s a project the non-handy would have to hire out, but it would be a perfect solution for keeping kitty in…not to mention it’s unique and beautiful.

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