Benefits of Using your RV as a “Sag Wagon” for Long Distance Bikers

Last summer I was a “sag wagon”  for my friend Cat. Sag stands for service and gear. She bicycled the Pacific Coast from Vancouver BC to the border of California and Mexico. She was biking with her two dogs. I was traveling in my Roadtrek with my cat, Miss Elsie. The trip started with the whole menagerie camping together every night. Eventually Cat started bicycling alone for 3-4 nights, traveling with all her necessary gear. The trip ended with her going solo and texting me if she needed anything

pacific-coast-1024x576On November 7th Cat reached the border of the United States and Mexico, over 2,500 miles. The journey down the coast was a grand success. There were issues, she and I and the animals persevered, and she was able to achieve her goal. I was able to achieve mine as well, and that was to see her successfully complete her trip.

There was a lot of planning that went into this trip. Where to camp each night? How far to bike each day? How do we maintain a sense of decorum between the two dogs and the cat? Communication between the two humans was a continuing issue on this trip. With tweaks and adjustments we managed to remain friends and reach our ultimate goal.

I enjoyed the smaller travel distances. As Cat took off on her own more, I was able to spend a few days in each campsite. Her 30-50 mile cycling days were long. I could cover the same mileage easily in a day, so I took advantage of remaining in one campsite and explored the areas where I was camped. On my driving days I could stop often, take lots of photos and meet interesting people.

Exploring Along the Oregon Coast
Exploring Along the Oregon Coast

I gave myself permission to drive less and explore more. I also joined Harvest Hosts and got to do a little wine tasting. Harvest Hosts also offered me the opportunity to explore on the north end of Humboldt Bay, the smallest Maritime Museum I have ever been too (next to the town of Samoa, CA). I don’t know if this group makes me save money as I tend to enjoy the wines and often buy from the small wineries that I visit. It doesn’t seem to matter as I enjoy camping where I am the only one there. I am glad for the flexibility of my 2013 SS Agile and it’s solar panels.

I visited long time friends and made new friends as I traveled south.  One of the unique people I met was, Christopher Bollen, an artist who built his own mobile art studio. He travels around the local area selling his watercolors and encouraging people of all ages to dabble in art. His current plan is to paint 1000 paintings before he dies to leave as a legacy to his two grown children. I am now the proud owner of two of his limited edition prints. This year I met a few more Roadtrekers on-the-road. It was fun to share experiences and talk about our small motorhomes.

Christopher & his traveling studio.
Christopher & his traveling studio.

Cat is now in Oregon, planning her next adventure and I am in San Diego for the next few months. I am staying with a friend of mine. She opened her house and her arms to both Elsie the Cat and myself. Her house sits on a hill in the town of La Mesa. Each evening I can watch the sunset over the ocean several miles away.

I am in San Diego. I have learned from full timers to set all my routine medical and dental appointments for the same time each year. If I get everything done at once then I am free to travel for the rest of the year. I decided to try this plan, my November and early December have been appointment city.

After a flight east to spend Christmas with family, I will be back in San Diego and getting ready to head to the southwestern deserts. As much fun as it is to spend time in a home, I miss my little “Home on Wheels”. It will be fun to move back in and get on the road.