Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign

 Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign

Reading signs is a part of my travel experience. They will tell you where to go, where not to go, what is open and what is not. I have been paying a little more attention to signs on this trip. There are some that have been helpful and there are some that humorous and then there are some that leave me scratching my head in thought.

Signs may guide you to good local donuts or good local attractions. There are some that allow some of the local character to shine through.

I decided to post some of my favorites for you to enjoy or scratch your head over. Here we go.

This sweet little stuffed rabbit below found it's way up this Douglas Fir. I loved how it was just hanging there. Most people would not have even seen it. I almost did not. How did it get here? Why? It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. Sweet little lost bunny.

Hanging bunny
Hanging bunny

The sign below was next to a fresh vegetable, herbs and fruit stand. I have made an assumption about these folks who live on the Olympic Peninsula, because of this sign. It is more important to eat well and have acquire some good karma, along the way. Eat and be healthy.


One day I was riding my bike along the Olympic Peninsula. I did not want to turn around. Following the Tsunami evacuation signs was sure to get me back to the main road. Right? Instead I came to this tree, with this sign. Not only was there one set of steps but you had to cross a railroad track and go up a second set of steps. Did I do this? Yes I did. I carried my bike on my shoulder and proceeded to climb. My question is, what if you are handicapped? What then?



I found many instructional signs along the way. At Cape Lookout there was not much you could do if you followed this sign. I know the intention was to keep people safe.


Surfing etiquette is important. This is the first sign I have ever seen that informs the surfer of some basic rules.


The town of Depoe Bay wanted to make sure we all knew that it had the world's smallest harbor. Every town needs it's claim to fame.


Saving the best for last was this sign that we found on a hiking trail in Corvallis, Oregon. Really? Someone is actually going to get off their horse, pick up the horses poopies and take them to a garbage can? What size bag do you need? How many riders will comply with this sign? Hmmmm. Has Oregon taken this eco-stuff too far? Hmmmm.


Keep your eyes open out there. What signs have caught your eye. Please share if you would like.



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