Making Friendships On-the-Road

 Making Friendships On-the-Road

As I was sitting quietly in my Roadtrek the other afternoon, I heard “Helloooo, Helloooo”. I looked outside and here was this woman. She wanted to say hello and let me know she has a Roadtrek and they were parked in the adjacent campsite.

Names were exchanged. I met Mary Ellen and Sue in their rather new Roadtrek. My family of Roadtrek friends has now expanded by two. It turns out that Sue and I share a birthday and we showed up at the same hot springs to celebrate. What a delight. Over coffee we shared a bit of our lives, I am just a bit richer than when I arrived.

Making Friendships On-the-Road 1
Sue, Janet, Mary Ellen

I have found, over the past one and a half years that RVers, as a whole, are nice people. Roadtrekers definitely fit this category. I love the wild waving and the flashing of lights as you pass an Roadtrek going the other way on the highway. I may not always respond, I tend to really stay focused when I drive. I have met people at the dump station and talked for over an hour, once the vehicles were moved to a suitable parking area. When I pull into a parking area it is not surprising to have someone come up and start asking me questions about my RV. It is becoming even less surprising to meet fellow Roadtrekers in those parking lots.

Making Friendships On-the-Road 2
My Property in Southern CO

Meet-ups feel like little instant mini-rallies. Everyone likes to share their adventures and stories. They like to brag about their little home on wheels and sometimes vent their frustrations when things have not gone one hundred percent right. Sometimes solutions are offered. Sometimes someone will dive in and help solve an issue.

I have been staying on my land in southwestern Colorado. While I was there I posted a photo on the Roadtrek Facebook Page. Enter Jean and Michael. There were traveling in their RV in southern Colorado and Utah. Our plan was to meet up in Durango.

When the weather report pointed to a cold night (down to 20 degrees F), I drove south to Aztec, NM for a few nights. It was just enough warmer to stay there and not worry about needing to winterize. On my second morning there, who should show up to meet me, Jean and Michael. Boy did they show up at the right time. I had discovered a water leak coming from the bathroom side of my RV. It only showed up when I showered. Michael loves to work on Roadtreks and dove in and helped me resolve the issue. He was happy, Jean and I chatted and I no longer have a leak. Sweet.

Making Friendships On-the-Road 3
ice cave Mendenhall Glacier

I even went on a non-RV'ing trip to Alaska. Thank you Jane. Because Jane and I became friends on Roadtrek the Facebook page, she invited me to see the ice cave under Mendenhall Glacier outside of Juneau, her home. Off to Alaska I went and had a marvelous time with someone I had never met until I landed at the airport in Anchorage.

OK, I like meeting other Roadtrekers. I like meeting them in smaller numbers. Big groups are still a bit overwhelming for me. Each meet-up, intentional or unintentional makes me glad to have become a part of this community. All you people are nice and I am thankful to have joined this community and others that help me, as a solo camper, feel a bit less alone out there in my rig.


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