The Travels of Janet: Stealth Camping, Scottish Dancing, Birdwatching and Shakespeare

 The Travels of Janet: Stealth Camping, Scottish Dancing, Birdwatching and Shakespeare

I have begun to recognize a responsibility to people who follow this Roadtreking blog. When I chose to stay quiet at the RT Rally in Monterey, I received a few comments from people rueing the fact that they did not have a chance to meet me. A celebrity, I am not. It made me aware that people really do follow me. Yes it may be a bit naive, yet I had no idea how many people followed my posts on Mike’s blog.

Camping on the Chickahominy Reservoir

After leaving Monterey I began to work my way north. I stayed at some beautiful county and state parks in California and Oregon. I continue to stop and visit friends when I am passing close by. I love my friends. Their support helps me to be able to live my current lifestyle.

Santa Rosa was my first friend stop. Ron and Gary are long time friends. They are incredibly talented people. They both teach Scottish Country Dancing. Ron also teaches Highland and teach all types of music, specializing in bagpipes, fiddle, wind instruments and more. Gary is a very talented pianist and choreographer of dance music. This was my first experience of sleeping in my RT parked on a street. I am not sure that stealth camping will always be my choice but this was convenient for a last minute visit. I did get a chance to go to two dance classes and dust off my Scottish dancing. Each time I dance I discover again that my broken ankle from a year ago is still healing.

Janet & Mary Playing in the Snow

Mary Z lives in Medford, Oregon. She rescued me and my temporarily broken Roadtrek last summer. I stayed with her for a week while repairs were being made. We have become friends and intermittently travel together. I again stayed with Mary for a week. We wine tasted, hiked and planned for future trips. We spent one day at Crater Lake, playing in the snow. Mary is a really fine tour guide. Miss Elsie loves her house. It has stairs. My cat has not had a lot of experience with two floors. If we stayed long enough she would wear a path in the stairway carpet.?



Klamath Marsh
Klamath Marsh

Since leaving Medford, I have been traveling in new country. The drive and camping through central and eastern Oregon is varied and beautiful. Of course, one needs to like the wide open spaces and high desert  to enjoy this ride. Two of the highlights were the Klamath Marsh and the Malhuer National Wildlife Refuge.  the wildlife and bird sitings were amazing. I spent four hours driving thirty two miles through the Malhuer. You might remember this refuge from the takeover last winter. Seeing this refuge replaced the images that were headlining the news. It was an amazing place. I will return here.













Now I am in Boise, ID. Idaho is my destination for the next few months. I met Linda along with Mary in the desert a little over a year ago. They were both there for the “great ankle incident”. Elsie and I are house sitting for Linda and her family this week. My charges are Poncho the Pooch and Misty, the invisible cat. She is mainly residing under the master bed.

Poncho the pup

If you are ever in Boise may I suggest two events to partake in.

  • Boise hosts the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. Last night I went to the preview of the first play. It was an intimate setting, with very good acting. There is also a cafe with the theater. You can pre-order your meal and pick it up and pay upon arrival. The food is very good. Hmmm, I wonder how I know this?
  • The Boise Farmers Market is beyond amazing. It is large and the variety of products is broad. You can even buy earthworms there. There are many organic booths, ranging from meats to veggies and fruits. It took me about an hour to get through it. One of the main reasons I did not stay longer was that Poncho the pooch was in my Roadtrek. They don’t allow pets in the market. Even though the curtains were drawn, the windows were open and the Super Fan on I did not want to leave him for very long. I got back to my RV and it was delightfully cool inside. I love my refrigerator at moments like this. I could immediately store my goodies in the refrigerator and keep them fresh.
  • The Farmers Market extends into town near the state Capitol. Poncho and I were able to embark on an extensive walk through this section.

Where am I going from here? The plan, currently, is to take Linda and her husband, Steve, up on a generous offer they made last summer. I am staying in their “cabin” or home in Donnelly for most of June and July. This offer has come at the right time for me. I have been feeling a need to settle and regroup a bit. it will be one year ago in early July, when my home in San Diego sold. I would like some time to reflect. I am looking forward to  good hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding and more. It will be good to have a comfortable home to retreat to. If I am offered opportunities such as Linda’s and Steve’s, I will usually accept the offer. Beware.

My Roadtrek and the Roadtreking Facebook Group have offered me an opportunity I did not anticipate when I bought my RT and joined this page. I have been meeting more and more people in their Class B motorhomes. I have established a few delightful friendships and know even more people living this life style. It is enjoyable and fun to meet up with people as we travel in a common area. I am grateful for the opportunities I continue to have and for the people I meet along the way.

If you are near Donnelly Idaho in June or July and would like to meet for coffee a meal, a kayak, or if you need a place to park or stay, please contact me. You are welcome into my life and I would be delighted to meet you.




  • it’s true – you get famous writing for Mike’s blog.

  • Started following your blog when you visited your sister in md ,enjoy traveling along.Love hearing about the places you visit.Look forward to hearing more.Wishing good health and safe travels.Bob in Md

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