Is this something I can fix?

 Is this something I can fix?

Is this something I can fix? 4I have been back in a sticks and bricks rental for a month. I am in San Diego getting all the “stuff” done that I need to get done. I have seen the dentist (at least once), completed all my annual medical checks, greeted new and old friends and am resting up. For the 30 years I lived in this city. I have never lived at the beach. I am now doing the beach thing, in a lovely little rental where I can walk to the bay and to the ocean. It is sweet. Miss Elsie the Cat is settled in and claimed this large studio as her own.

Is this something I can fix? 5

My Roadtrek, EmmyLou, is off to the RV hospital to get checked up and tweaked and have a few ongoing issues repaired. I drove her out to Holland Motor Homes yesterday. After living in her for almost 2 years I felt withdrawal. Where is my home? I will survive and so will she.

I am now without a vehicle. Wow, that is interesting. I think it is the first time in many, many years that I have no transportation of my own.

Is this something I can fix? 6Once I dropped EL off I ventured on to my storage locker to pick up my Kymco, 150cc scooter. Guess what? She wouldn't start. I tried. I left, and returned and tried again. After about 2 hours of mucking around I decided to admit defeat, called a friend for a much needed ride and sadly left my scooter behind. 🙁

I called the scooter store where I have maintenance done and told them my situation. It turns over, but won't rev up. The service rep told me it was probably a clogged carburetor from inactivity. They are going to pick my scooter up next week, take it to the shop and fix it. When they told me what they thought was wrong with my scooter, my first question was “Is this something I can fix?.”

I know that for many of you with RV's, you are use to performing repairs and upgrades. I am not. When I first bought my RV, I knew that I would not be a person to take on repairs and upgrades to my rig. I was overwhelmed with what I had bought. There was no-one I could turn to for help. I knew I would pay to have anything done to my RV. I am good with that. It is home maintenance. Gradually over the past 4 years, I have been doing more and more maintenance in my little rig. Each one makes me proud and confident. I then am ready to take on the next job, if I can.

Asking the question “Is this something I can fix?” reveals to me my own growth. I am doing jobs and repairs I would have never imagined prior to owning my little home on wheels. I am also aware of my limits and am still more than willing to ask and pay for help. Owning my Roadtrek, though, has given me growth in an area of my life that I could never have imagined and I am proud of myself. I am also very thankful for the Roadtrek Facebook Group, where someone usually has an answer to any question I may ask. Youtube videos are also a great resource. I have also fallen in love with the chat feature on the Roadtrek website. Not only do I connect directly with the factory but often I know the person I am chatting with and it becomes a time to catch up. I have learned my resources and I patiently consider all options. After I do this I am then more than willing to give a new project a try.

Is this something I can fix? 7
EmmyLou on my Colorado Property

I have grown in many ways since the death of my husband, Jim and the purchase of my Roadtrek. I am thankful for each event that moves me forward to being a more confident person and RV owner. That one little question gave me time to reflect on my life and my growth. I know I will continue to ask “Is this something I can fix?” I trust the answers I am given and continue to attempt more on my own.

Who knew a little RV would be such a large part of my personal growth? Who knew?


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  • Great article about self-growth! I rely on my hubby to do certain things but living in the Roadtrek has made me interested in finding out how everything is supposed to work. Living full-time in an RV is certainly a growth and learning experience for everyone.

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