Decisions Sometimes Have to be Made

 Decisions Sometimes Have to be Made
Decisions Sometimes Have to be Made 1
Riding the White Rim Trail

I have been traveling in the southwest since early September. It has been a grand adventure thanks to all the planning by Mary Zuschlag. Mary, Linda and I met in Moab, Utah to go four wheeling and camping in Canyonlands National Park, on the White Rim Trail. Not a place to take a Roadtrek.

We parked our RV’s in the parking lot of Canyonlands Jeep Adventures and took off for planning and shopping. We camped outside Moab in a state park for the night. Due to the cold weather that night, Linda and I drove back to Moab in the morning to get some warmer sleeping bags and blankets.

When I unlocked my Roadtrek, I notice my automatic stair was slow to move. I checked the house battery monitor panel, it was totally depleted. Oh no, what to do? The Jeep rental place was kind enough to let me plug my baby in for the five days we would be out on the trail. Whew what a relief. Not a solution, definitely a relief.

Decisions Sometimes Have to be Made 2
morning on the White Rim Trail
Decisions Sometimes Have to be Made 3
Adventuring On

After five marvelous and awe inspiring days we returned to Moab and attempt to sort out my house battery issue.

I noticed that my solar battery indicator box was reading an error. Thanks to the handy online manual I was able to fix this issue. It appeared that the solar panels had reversed polarity. Hopefully with the issue fixed my house batteries would be up and functioning. This, however was not the case.

Thanks to Mary’s support we went looking for 6 volt deep discharge AGM batteries. Please remember we were in small town USA. There was not an AGM battery to be found. The closest place to find the above mentioned battery was Denver. Now Mary and I really did not want to go to Denver. We were planning on more adventures in remote southern Utah and Denver was not on the radar.

Decisions Sometimes Have to be Made 4
Back on the Road

After consulting with a very knowledgeable man at Napa Valley Auto Parts (who also checked the AGM’s and found at least one battery faulty), chatting on line with Leo, at Roadtrek and consulting with my very knowledgeable friend, Mary, I bought two 6 volt deep cycle, flooded/wet cell batteries. These are not maintenance free, I will have to check the batteries for water. This can easily be done when I get my 10,000 mile service with Mercedes.

Decisions Sometimes Have to be Made 5
Mary in the Slots

Sometimes in life I have to make choices. When I decide I want to go remote and visit small towns, I am glad that there is a choice of what to buy so I can get on-the-road again. If there were AGM batteries as close as Grand Junction, it’s possible I would have done the drive to buy them. Denver was a bit further than I wanted to go. With all the great support I received I felt that I needed to make a right choice so I could get EmmyLou the RV back on the road. The new batteries are in place and Mary and I were able to boondock to our hearts content and see amazing places.

Decisions Sometimes Have to be Made 6
Janet & Friends at White Crack-another 4 wheel adventure



Was this a stress free decision? No. Was it the right decision? Yes. I am so glad there were options out there. The battery episode has made me humble. There is still so much I need to learn about this sweet little machine, I call home.