Janet’s First Roadtrek Rally

 Janet’s First Roadtrek Rally

Roadtreks at a Roadtrek International chapter rally

I arrived in Monterey, CA on Tuesday, May 2, to attend my first ever, RV rally. What makes this one sweet is that it is all Roadtreks. This rally is put on by the VP's of Roadtrek International‘s Chapter 9, Mary Jane and Jeff Curry.  You all know Mary Jane from her RV Recipes section of this blog. They have done a bang up job.

There are 40 Roadtreks present and 65 people in attendance. I believe the folks from Michigan would receive the award for the longest distance traveled.

The highlights include a trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, yummy meals, wine tasting and a wide variety of music.  See Grins RV from Gilroy, CA (mmm Garlic) is here. There are three Roadtreks and one Hymer for the curious to investigate and explore. The feel of this rally is laid back and fun.

I have been enjoying looking at other's Roadtreks and getting ideas on how to improve the interior of mine. I have some ideas now and hopefully over the next several months I will be able to add more creative flare to my SS Agile.

Janet's First Roadtrek Rally 2

As you may recall I am the woman who has been hesitant to be around larger numbers of people since my husband died four and a half years ago. This year, I made a commitment to myself, to start reaching out and meet new people. Being at this rally is a great way to experience a larger group. I like how mellow it is. I notice others move in and out of their rigs just as I am doing. Quiet time mixed with socialization is a perfect solution to a more hesitant me. I have now found another reason to have my Roadtrek with me. It is my quiet escape when I need it. It is a perfect solution.

I have met some familiar faces. Juanita from San Diego County is here. We met in San Diego and it is good to reconnect with her and get to know her better. The familiar faces make it a wee bit easier for the crowd shy me, to be brave and move into the group and meet new faces.

Elsie the Cat, of course is hiding in the Roadtrek. There are way too many people and dogs for her. She is curious though and once it gets dark and quiet she actually will venture outside to sniff around until the next person goes by. When anyone is near she makes a mad dash for the RV. I am glad the RT is her safe spot.

I have been enjoying my alone time. Since I have been to the aquarium quite a bit – my jprevious ob as a tour manager took me there at least 1-2 times per year -I skipped the Aquarium and took a bike ride today. I biked for 22 miles. It was a long beautiful ride along the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. This is one of the largest Marine Sanctuaries in the world. On a brilliant sunny day there is nothing better than biking along the bay. There is nothing better than doing anything along the bay. The nice thing about this ride is that 99% of it is on a marked bike trail and off the car-driven roads.

After my bike ride, I was again ready to mingle with others. I am beginning to find that the trick of being in larger groups of people is to find the right balance of people and alone time.

Janet's First Roadtrek Rally 3
A Ride Along the Bay


This has been a good experience. I am glad that this event is a success.  This is Mary Jane's and Jeff's kick off event, as the new VP's for the southern California chapter. They have made a marvelous start.

This rally is a success for me as well. I am glad that, after canceling three rallies since I have had my RV,  I finally made it to one. Finding my balance has made this a success for me. Will I choose to go to another one? Yes I believe I will.




  • As an introvert I totally understand your need for quiet time. Glad you’re able to find a balance in your RV travels. This meet-up sounds like a lot of fun.

  • Glad you finally attended an RT rally. I think it was three of ours you signed up for and then canceled 🙂 Hope you will enjoy more in the future.

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