Janet Arnold is Moving On

 Janet Arnold is Moving On

Janet Arnold is Moving On 1I have been a guest reporter on Mike Wendland’s blog, RV Lifestyle, for over six years. I always considered it an honor to be invited and have enjoyed my frequent to infrequent posts to this blog. 

Time moves on and I feel it is time to move on as well. As Mike and Jennifer have taken their blog in new directions I feel like I am moving in new directions as well. I have decided to say farewell as a guest reporter for this blog. 

I started posting for Mike when I was fresh out of grief from the loss of my husband, Jim. On a bit of a whim, I bought my 2013 Roadtrek SS Agile at an RV event at a local football stadium. A month later I took off for two and a half months, traveled the United States and thanked everyone for all their support and help, over a three and a half year period of struggle. It was the most healing thing I could have done for myself. I was received with warm and loving welcomes and so many hugs. I did not know everyone, yet after that visit I certainly did. 

Janet Arnold is Moving On 2I still own my lovely little Roadtrek and currently am living in it full time. I travel the USA and Canada. I don’t sit still for long. That is going to change as I have found lovely places to stay and explore more in-depth. 

I travel with Miss Elsie the Cat. She often blogs on my private blog. She has adapted to the nomad lifestyle and has been a delightful companion to my adventures. She has her own following and I try not to get jealous that people respond more to her posts then to mine. 

The RV Lifestyle page on Facebook has been so helpful for me as I started a new lifestyle. When I started to travel in July of 2013, The Roadtrek (now RV Lifestyle page on Facebook) was my go-to site to ask for help. There was always such good advice and suggestions. I grew and the page grew.

With the closure of Roadtrek and Mike and Jennifer no longer representing them, I have found other places to search for answers to my questions regarding my Roadtrek. Although I still frequent the RV Lifestyle Facebook Group and blog I find I am spending less time there than I used to. It is all part of moving on. 

Janet Arnold is Moving On 3I know some of you have followed me since I first started to post to Mike’s blog. It has been an honor to serve you and such an honor to meet many of you. All of you have kept me posting these past six years. 

I do have my own blog, https://journeysofthankfulness.com This blog is  different than Mike’s. It is more in-depth and personal. I started this blog as a way for my family and friends to follow my adventures that first year. No one wanted me to stop so I have not and now have an international following. I also have my own art/photographic website, https://www.jarnoldarts.com  Come on over and browse or not. 

Now when I have a suggestion or issue I will post on RV Lifestyle as many others do, no more blog posts, just normal posts on the Facebook page. 

Travel on and hopefully, I will see you “on-the-road”.



  • We got our Agile in fall 2016 after following Mike’s Roadtreking page and Janet’s contributions—i figured that if this widow could do this alone, the two of us could, too! Janet’s posts were the key …. thank you for inspiration and encouragement and candor.

  • Thank you, Janet, for your contributions over the years. Our copy of Small Kitchen Big Flavors is in use and appreciated in our Roadtrek
    God bless you in your future adventures

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