Janet finds help for her electrical issue

 Janet finds help for her electrical issue

A few days ago I discovered three outlets in my Roadtrek SS Agile were not working. Oh no, major crisis. Any time anything goes wrong it becomes major, immediately in my mind. My anxiety level increases and I have to remind myself to breathe. There is very little in this world that is not fixable.

Especially when you find a good RV repair tech and when the manufacturer of your RV has your back.

I spent time on Thursday, researching RV service centers near a friend's home in Fish Lake, Indiana. I settled on Bontrager RV Service Center in Goshen. Why? Troy, the owner offered to get me in on Friday morning. He was willing to work with me and my time needs. He exuded confidence and knowledge when I spoke with him on the phone.

Yesterday, my friend Helen and I drove the hour to Goshen and met Troy. What was suppose to be a simple issue, turned out to be a bit more complex. As Helen said “nothing is normal or usual when it comes to Janet.” Today did not prove to be an exception. The outlets worked. The outlets didn't work. Up went the front seat and the inverter was checked. There was one loose wire connection that was fixed. Still the GFCI outlet would not work.

Troy and I made a call to Roadtrek headquarters, the Mothership. Matt and Troy conferred over the phone for a bit of time. They tried this, they tried that. And still the outlets would work and then they wouldn't. Arrgh.

Magically around 3 p.m. I arrived back at Bontrager, thinking I was going to drive to Idaho with a non-GFCI outlet above my sink. Miracles happen and today was a day for miracles. One of Troy's tech went in the rig to see what he could do. Well I don't know what he did, yet what I do know is that I now have a fully functioning electrical system. All outlets are working. The GFCI outlet is in place and I am ready to roll.

Janet finds help for her electrical issue 1I appreciated a few things about this day. It seemed a minor miracle that Troy could get me in right away. As many of us know, the wait can be lengthy when our RV needs service. For the life of me I don't understand why it takes so long when I am on-the-road, to get my RV serviced. I have often thought that these shops could leave little space in their day for those who are traveling through. If they charge a bit more, so be it. I would recommend Bontrager RV because of their quick and efficient service. I would also recommend them because they did not give up and were, professional and courteous and nice and they got the job done.

Troy did not appear to be offended or put out when I made the call to Roadtrek. Both Matt and Troy spoke a language I could not understand. The exchange was courteous and professional. Troy was gathering information so he could more fully explore his options. It felt like Matt, Troy and I were functioning as a team to solve this issue. With Matt on the phone I felt like the Erwin Hymer Group of North America and Roadtrek had my back. It was a good feeling.

Now I am ready to roll. I am confident that my cute little Roadtrek will get me to my next destination. Elsie the cat and I will roll on in comfort. All systems are operational. Yay-one more crisis averted.

All this is another reminder to us all that a great service tech and a caring manufacturer is an unbeatable combination. Thanks Troy and Matt!




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