Ending One Journey-Starting Another

 Ending One Journey-Starting Another
Cat Moving On
Cat Moving On

There's been a major direction change on my adventure down the coast with by bicycling friend, Cat, and her pups. We have chosen to separate. Cat is strong and is cycling on her own most of the time now. I'm heading off in my own new direction. I want to explore some of the area around central California on my own time and schedule.

My Roadtrek remains a cycling support wagon of sorts, carrying the gear that Cat does not need. We will plan to meet up at the end of her trip to sort out the gear and share our solo adventures.

Before we began this journey  down the coast, we discussed the “what ifs” of this trip. She thought she needed support for this trip and did not think she would have done it without this support. Now she knows she can complete the journey unassisted. I am proud of her. I am proud of myself as well.

Cat's journey has been an emotionally and physically challenging adventure. My adventure riding with her has had it's own challenges too. I have grown and I know she has grown from our time together.

I was the one who instigated our separation. It was time. I am glad to know she is strong and continuing her journey down the coast. I am proud of what she has accomplished and what she will accomplish still. It will be good to meet at the end of her trip.I am proud of what I have accomplished. It has been a journey.

img_6167Meanwhile I am in the town of Atascadero this morning, in a sweet little coffee house, typing like crazy. I spent last night at a Harvest Host site near Paso Robles. The Rio Seco Winery is a small family operation with an interesting history. It was used as a film set for the 1987 movie “The Junkman.” The barn, where the tasting room is today was also part of a major drug bust. It was used as a growing house for marijuana. Today it is a lovely small winery specializing in red wines. The sunset was gorgeous from my small house on wheels.






img_6161I have decided to leave the coast and find places that are new for me to explore. Today I am not sure where I am wandering off to. I think I am going to look for those twisty little back roads that I love so much.

I will keep you up to date on Cat's adventures. She needs to finish early in November because she is going to be volunteering at Cape Lookout State Park, in Oregon for four months. They want her as soon as possible. She lives in a Lance, 5th wheel.

It looks like we will both be off on new adventures soon.










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