Getting Ready to Roll

 Getting Ready to Roll
Getting Ready to Roll 1
This View-within a bike ride

I have spent a good winter in San Diego. After living full time in my rig for over a year I, rented a studio and moved in, late in November. I have enjoyed being in a sticks and bricks home again. Even though it is a studio, it seems huge compared to my SS Agile. For the first time I have been living in a beach community. It has been fun, I love the access to the bay and the ocean. I have been walking and bicycling almost every day. It has been a delight.

I have been busy with appointments. I needed to get things done. My rig has been in and had it's check-up both at Holland Motor Homes and Mercedes. She is ready to roll. I have been checked up and I believe that I am ready to roll too. Miss Elsie the Cat says she is ready too.

When I stay in one place for a while I find I have to mentally prepare myself to return to my nomadic lifestyle. All my projects are completed. I make lists. I spend time just kind of hanging around inside my rig. I am nesting. I like to think that my Roadtrek is shivering in anticipation. Miss Elsie is suspicious.

Getting Ready to Roll 2
Ward-Roaring Like a Lion

I will pull out early next week, March 2 or 3. I am on my way to Ohio. My niece and her husband are going through the experience of having a toddler with cancer. Although everything is going well, they reached out to me for a little extra support while my sister, the grandma, returns to Florida. I have not met this little boy, yet so I am looking forward to meeting him and spending time with him. I hope that my presence will make life easier for mom and dad.

Am I nervous about the weather? Yes. I am choosing at this time, to not winterize and pray that the weather will be manageable. I have never winterized. I have always stayed where it is warm enough. If it gets too cold, I leave. For those of you who are part of the Roadtreking Facebook page, if you see a desperate post about winterizing, please be kind and offer all your wise advice.

I am also a bit anxious about the miles I need to cover each day. I know I can do it, yet it has been a while since I have had to put miles in to get somewhere. The fun part about full timing is that I can choose to travel a few hours down the road and stop again. I usually have little agenda and so I stop when I see something interesting. When I leave here this time I am booking it at least three quarters of the way across the country. I have got to get my driving mentality and hat in place.

Getting Ready to Roll 3
Miss Elsie checking out her house on wheels

I have been scouring maps. Which route should I take? Weather is the biggest concern. I am choosing to stay south until I need to head north. It will be interesting because I will cover territory that I have not been in before. It will be hard to keep going instead of stopping, exploring and lingering. Exploring will have to wait. I am not a parking lot kind of camper, but I may think about Walmarts or other parking lots along the way. It certainly will be a different kind of adventure.

As I get “ready-to-roll” I will take any sage advice that comes my way. It is interesting to think that even though I am traveling alone, I have this huge unseen community that will be rooting for me and supporting me as I get ready for the next adventure.


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