Bridges, Love Those Bridges

I have seriously fallen in love with bridges. I have always loved them, but now I have arrived at the point where I want to take a picture of each one I see. I have refrained. It is hard. I grew up in Delaware, the second smallest state in the nation. They have some really […]Read More

Who says you have to be on the go all the time?

Sometimes, it's nice to sit a spell. Or at least stay and slow down a little. A week and a half ago, my friend Cat went solo, as she bicycles south on RT 101 and the border of Mexico. Solo means, she is now carrying all her gear (sleeping bag, tent, food & more) and no […]Read More

The Hooligans Make Their Way to Oregon

Today my friend Cat and her pups, biked across the Astoria-Megler Bridge arriving in Oregon. Her SAG wagon (my Roadtrek RV), Elsie the Cat and me, had gone on ahead to score a camp site at Fort Stevens State Park. SAG stands for Service and Gear and long distance cyclists depend on them for safety, security […]Read More

Biking & Riding the West Coast

As of four days ago I have begun my official duty as the “sag wagon” for my friend and compatriot, Cat. She and her dogs are bicycling the Pacific Coast Route from Vancouver to Mexico. Several months ago she asked if I would join her so she could have some extra support along the way. […]Read More

Have You Ever Had One of Those Days?

Have you ever had one of those days? Mine came last Monday in Crescent City, California. I had been in the area for close to a week. My travel along the ocean came at the right time. While temperatures were hovering around 100 degrees F inland, along the  Pacific coast it was pleasant and almost downright cool […]Read More

Beginning the Nomadic Lifestyle

Last Tuesday, July 19, I left San Diego to begin my nomadic life as a full tim RVer, in my sweet little Roadtrek. I broke myself in easy. My first stop was to visit the Curry’s – Jeff and Mary Jane, other Roadtrekers at their home west of LA in a beautiful and fertile valley. […]Read More

Getting Ready to Roll

My sticks and bricks home sold a week ago. After a very busy month, I needed time to relax and settle in to my new home on wheels. On closing day, what was left in the house and garage, went into the Roadtrek and me and Elsie the Cat  drove maybe 4 miles to where I […]Read More

House For Sale-Change is in the Air

This past Monday, my realtor and I went “live”. My home is up for sale. I have been working on the house since February getting it ready for this moment. My broken ankle slowed the process down for a few months. Now that I am walking and doing better each day, it is time. Today, […]Read More

Being Prepared-In Case of Emergency

Ah, my broken ankle mishap in the desert is almost behind me. I am starting to plan an extended trip in my Roadtrek. I am finding that getting ready to go can be fun. I am cleaning and making lists and dreaming of adventures to come. After breaking my ankle I have been giving some […]Read More

Roadtreking at Home

As I write this post, I am sitting in my cute, little Roadtrek in my driveway, on a very wet and rainy day. Elsie the cat has also joined me in this little adventure so close to my house. Why am I sitting out here instead of my house? That is a very good question to ask. […]Read More

An RVing “Adventure” in the Desert

This past weekend I met up with Roadtreking pals Mary Zuschlag and Linda Peden in Anza Borrego Desert State Park. A friend of mine joined us for Friday night. It was fun. It was  a first time meet-up with Linda. We all got along famously. I would travel with any of these women again. The […]Read More

Janet’s New Year Resolution & Her First Rally

I have always been a very social person. I like meeting new people and going to gatherings. Since my husband, Jim died three years ago, I have found that I am not comfortable in large groups of people. I enjoy the one on one encounters or socializing with a few people at a time. I […]Read More

When There’s a Travel Discovery Opportunity, Take It!

I love making desirable discoveries by accident. When my friend, Nancy and I travel together we try to be aware and take advantage of travel opportunities. We welcome them. It is not always easy to catch those moments, I find I need to pay attention, stop when I was planning to drive straight through, talk to people […]Read More