Is this something I can fix?

I have been back in a sticks and bricks rental for a month. I am in San Diego getting all the “stuff” done that I need to get done. I have seen the dentist (at least once), completed all my annual medical checks, greeted new and old friends and am resting up. For the 30 […]Read More

Give a Welcome Center a Chance

I love to travel. Sometimes I do a lot of research and sometimes I wander until I have found what I am looking for, whatever that is. I have been traveling for years, first hoteling it and now Roadtreking it. Each time I enter a new state I stop at the first Welcome or Visitors […]Read More

Making Friendships On-the-Road

As I was sitting quietly in my Roadtrek the other afternoon, I heard “Helloooo, Helloooo”. I looked outside and here was this woman. She wanted to say hello and let me know she has a Roadtrek and they were parked in the adjacent campsite. Names were exchanged. I met Mary Ellen and Sue in their […]Read More

Decisions Sometimes Have to be Made

I have been traveling in the southwest since early September. It has been a grand adventure thanks to all the planning by Mary Zuschlag. Mary, Linda and I met in Moab, Utah to go four wheeling and camping in Canyonlands National Park, on the White Rim Trail. Not a place to take a Roadtrek. We […]Read More

RV cleaning and primping

I have spent the last two months in northern Idaho. A good friend and fellow Roadtreker, offered me her “cabin” to stay in. I moved in, early in June and have been exploring this small area of Idaho. It has been fun. After spending time here I understand why Idaho is called the “Gem State”. […]Read More

Bonding Over Our RVs

Friendships are unique. I value the many friendships I have developed over the years. It is not unusual when I travel in my rig, to stop and visit friends almost anywhere in the United states and Canada. Now I have new friendships forming, good, healthy and kind ones. These friendships started because we have one […]Read More

Creative Ways to Handle Medical Issues on the Road

Traveling is wonderful. I love seeing all the many wondrous places and meeting good people. I also enjoy seeing the unexpected. However, sometimes life throws me a curve, I get sick, I sprain or break an ankle, I fall into the river with my cell phone in my pocket. The list could go on.   […]Read More

Janet’s First Roadtrek Rally

I arrived in Monterey, CA on Tuesday, May 2, to attend my first ever, RV rally. What makes this one sweet is that it is all Roadtreks. This rally is put on by the VP's of Roadtrek International‘s Chapter 9, Mary Jane and Jeff Curry.  You all know Mary Jane from her RV Recipes section […]Read More

Challenges of Living in a Small Motorhome

I have been in San Diego County since March 19th. I have camped in two places since my return and I am getting ready to move to a third place. It is important to book ahead when Easter weekend looms on the horizon. My first campground was at Lake Jennings. It was a beautiful site, on a […]Read More

Feeling a Sense of Accomplishment

I am not a mechanically inclined. I am not a handy-person. When things break I take them somewhere and someone fixes them. I can recognize my limitations and honor them. Don't get me wrong, I like to muck around, especially since Jim died. I have learned to do many things that I would have run […]Read More

Loving My Desert Season

Until this weekend, I have been in or on the edges of the desert for close to two months. Winter in this country can be a surprise. It may dip below freezing at night. It makes me very happy to have my propane heater and warm blankets. With the day time temps in the 60’s […]Read More

From the Desert: What I Know Today

From somewhere in the Sonoran Desert… This is what I know today. It is thrilling to see desert big horn sheep in their natural habitat. Don’t sit on a cholla cactus. It is painful. Javalina are not always the most graceful of animals. I saw one slip down the surface of a boulder today. It […]Read More

Finally, Full Timing

Since the end of January I have been “on the road.” I have been on the run from my dentist. I remained in San Diego much longer than I expected. The dentist required some time. After a bit of whining I was given a reprieve and I headed east. I immediately met up with Mary […]Read More

Friends and Fellow Travelers

Since my husband, Jim, died from metastatic cancer four years ago, I have found myself being shy of people and groups of people. I bought my SS Agile 8 months after he died and traveled throughout the country and visited friends. It was an instrumental part in helping me to begin to heal. When I became a guest reporter […]Read More

Ending One Journey-Starting Another

There's been a major direction change on my adventure down the coast with by bicycling friend, Cat, and her pups. We have chosen to separate. Cat is strong and is cycling on her own most of the time now. I'm heading off in my own new direction. I want to explore some of the area around […]Read More

Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign

Reading signs is a part of my travel experience. They will tell you where to go, where not to go, what is open and what is not. I have been paying a little more attention to signs on this trip. There are some that have been helpful and there are some that humorous and then […]Read More

California Here We Come

On the last Monday of September, I said a fond farewell to my friends in Corvallis,  and once again drove west towards Route 101. About an hour later, I arrived back in Newport, Oregon. I wanted to continue my tour of the coast. My plan was to take a week to see the rest of this gorgeous […]Read More