When Plan A Doesn’t Work Out

 When Plan A Doesn’t Work Out

When Plan A Doesn't Work Out 2I have been traveling on Vancouver Island for a month. The last few days have found me on another island, San Juan Island, WA. It has been a good month. I highly recommend spending time on Vancouver Island. I felt a month was going to be a good emersion time, yet I was wrong. I am going back soon.

When things go wrong with my Roadtrek, I am concerned. Usually I can find a fix. I can fix it or someone else can fix it. When traveling other things can occur that are out of my control and then I have to figure it out.

I love traveling by ferry. It is relaxing, enjoyable and I get to take pictures and ooh and ahh at all the sites along the way. The ferry systems in the Northwest are a very good way to travel. When the ferry breaks down traveling by ferry can be stressful. Here is what I have learned, have a back up plan. The Washington Ferry removed their international ferry from Sidney, BC to Anacortes, WA about three days before I was suppose to sail. I received a text that informed me my reservation was canceled. When you are on an island you are at the mercy of these ferries.

When Plan A Doesn't Work Out 3
Peace Arch at the Border

What was I to do? Well I went the long way around. I made a reservation on the BC ferries to Vancouver, drove south across the border (the Peace Arch is really  pretty) and took the Washington Ferry out to San Juan Island. Yes it took more time. Yes, I had to practice patience. Yes, I ended up spending a bit more money. I was still able to make it to my campsite an hour earlier than planned.

This diversion took me to parts of the Pacific coast that I would not have otherwise seen. I did not stay on the 5 as I headed south of the border. I traveled in and out of the little towns along the bays. I saw people clamming at low tide. I tasted a wonderful cinnamon roll at a bakery. I enjoyed meandering south until I realized time was running short and it was time to head to ferry #2.

This has taught me a few valuable lessons.

  • Always have plan B, C or D in the back of your mind. Maybe each plan is made up along the way.
  • Be flexible.
  • The adventure of travel is the unknown of it all.
  • Figuring it out can be part of the fun.
  • You never know what you might find when you have to divert from the original plan. (cinnamon rolls come to mind)

    When Plan A Doesn't Work Out 4
    Lime Kiln State Park, San Juan Island

After a week on San Juan Island, I am on my way back to the mainland today.

It has been a wonderful summer on “the Island”. I enjoyed my time there and I will be going back. There is more to do and see on “the Island”. I have made friends with some of the locals and have been invited back. It is nice to be wanted. Now I am off on new adventures, with a bit more knowledge about travel in my box of tricks.