Creative Ways to Handle Medical Issues on the Road

 Creative Ways to Handle Medical Issues on the Road

Traveling is wonderful. I love seeing all the many wondrous places and meeting good people. I also enjoy seeing the unexpected. However, sometimes life throws me a curve, I get sick, I sprain or break an ankle, I fall into the river with my cell phone in my pocket. The list could go on.


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Leaves of Three, Leave Them Be




Creative Ways to Handle Medical Issues on the Road 4Often, I get down on the ground to photograph. It is fun to get those wonderful flower shots. It is not so good when poison oak is the result of crawling around on the ground. By the time I reached Medford, OR, poison oak had shown up on my wrist. Next I found some spots on the back of my legs. I did many of the home remedies and that helped. I thought things were getting better and then I had an allergic reaction, the doctor thinks, from the poison oak.

When I am in southern California, I just call Kaiser, make an appointment and get treated. This becomes a bit more difficult when I am in non-Kaiser country. I called Kaiser and they talked me through the process on what I would need to do.

The next step was to figure out where to go, so that I would not waste a lot of time sitting in a waiting room. I found a very efficient urgent care in Boise (Yelp reviews can help). I was in and out within an hour. Now that is sweet. I am on medicine and improving. Thank goodness.

Creative Ways to Handle Medical Issues on the Road 5

This incident has made me consider what I need to have with me when I get sick while “on-the-road”.

  • Always carry the phone number to my HMO. They are a good resource.
  • I keep a copy of my health care directive with me.
  • A copy of my will and trust are in the same box.
  • I also have a CD with this information on it.
  • A list of all medical conditions and dates is helpful. The broken bones list is way too long.?
  • I will make sure to list everything I have already tried.
  • Keep a current list of all over the counter and prescription medicine that I currently take.
  • I know who my current primary doctors are and have their phone numbers handy.
  • In my RV, I have a list of emergency contacts in an easily found location.
  • I Check my first aid kits once a year to make sure that everything is up to date.
  • I keep a running list of chiropractors, massage therapists and doctors I have seen through out the United States and Canada.

When traveling for short intervals, we can often change our plans, if need be. When living in an RV full time, there are no change of plans. There is no home to return to, this is my home. It is easy to forget the every day things that make my life run, when there are places to see and things to do. The reality is, however, that things happen to me just like they would if I lived in a sticks and bricks home. I find that I need to be a bit more unique in my solutions now. I also need to be a much stronger advocate for my health care. I have to have a bit more trust that the people I put my trust in will manage my care in a positive and healthy way.

When this part of life is order, it makes it that much easier to move on down the road with confidence and a grand sense of adventure.




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