Food & Community On-the-Road

 Food & Community On-the-Road

eating and leisure concept – group of people having dinner and holding hands together over table with food

Food & Community On-the-Road 1I have been considering the importance of food in life. Why is it that we all want to cook our own mostly healthy meals when traveling in our RV's? The obvious answers are high costs, high fat and the high protein content of the food at restaurants and more.

Part of creating a sense of home and comfort on the road is to maintain some of my normal routines developed when I lived in a house. Creating meals and eating at a table helps to give me a sense of comfort on the road. I can curl up in my comfy clothes and eat inside or out. At the end of a day it is relaxing to eat in. I can have a beer or a glass of wine and know at the end of the meal, I don't have to drive.

Having meals, even if it is only two a day, breaks up my day, gives me time to sit back and relax and ponder the beginning or completion of my day. A hot cup of tea starts my day and often ends my evening. Maybe in the evening a glass of port will replace the tea. This little, seemingly, insignificant event gives me the opportunity to get started in the morning and relax at the end of another good day.

Food also gives me a sense of community. My first dinner party in my Roadtrek was an impromptu party of four. Mary & John brought the very fresh abalone steaks and my friend Nancy and I supplied the rest of the meal. I had no idea that four of us could fit so comfortably in my little RV, yet when it is raining outside, one figures it out. What made it more interesting is that I usually leave my bed down. When I look back on that experience now, I remember how much fun it was to share my little RV and a meal with good people. There was a lot of laughter and good talk. And it was cozy in my SS Agile.

One of the benefits of traveling solo is that I get invited to other people's RV's for meals, mostly dinner. At first I was a bit timid about accepting and then realized that unless I wanted to be alone 100 % of the time I darn well better accept invitations. I have met many interesting people over a shared meal. It is fun and an adventure. I also learn a lot. My next destination may come from conversation over a shared meal or happy hour.

Eating and community are important in our culture. I have been trying sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully to create a sense of  community and breaking fast as I learn to be single and a solo traveler. I long for ritual of being a couple. Yet I am single so this won't work. Learning to create my own ritual around meal times is an ongoing process. Little by little I am finding out what does and doesn't work for me. There are no right or wrongs, it is all just a process. And, when all else fails, there is nothing better than a meal out.

Food & Community On-the-Road 2


And don't forget to keep chocolate on hand. It is the perfect desert for that impromptu party. And it is also a great way to top off that solo meal on the road. Mmmmm, chocolate.