RV cleaning and primping

 RV cleaning and primping

RV cleaning and primping 1I have spent the last two months in northern Idaho. A good friend and fellow Roadtreker, offered me her “cabin” to stay in. I moved in, early in June and have been exploring this small area of Idaho. It has been fun. After spending time here I understand why Idaho is called the “Gem State”.

In four days I will be leaving this piece of paradise. It is time to re-enter the world of small RV living. I am going to be joining friends in eastern Oregon to witness the madness surrounding the eclipse. I will also, nature willing, witness the eclipse. The town of McCall Idaho has already enacted a state of emergency for the week of the eclipse. They are going to be inundated with between 10,000-100,000 visitors. Don't you love the expanse of numbers?

After the eclipse I will be heading for San Diego. I need to visit my favorite person, the dentist, again. Sigh.

RV cleaning and primping 2I am getting my RV ready to roll. I have been busy. It has been a bit warm here so I wait until the sun is off the vehicle. I work inside until that happens. What have I been up to? Here is my list, so far.

  • I have created my 3rd screen door for the side door entrance. Each one I make is improved. This will not be my last attempt. A new idea has caught my attention on the Facebook page, Roadtreking, the Group.
  • I have washed the exterior. First I took it to the truck wash to shed its layer of dust. This attest to the fact that I have been traveling the backroads of McCall.
  • I will dry wash it in the next few days to add a bit more luster.
  • RV cleaning and primping 3Have you ever heard of Gummy Phlege? I have. I Gummi Phlege my door seals and all other seals twice a year. Check, that's done.
  • I use a couple different products to make the black strip on the sides of the RT and everything else that will accept vinyl cleaner, look brand new. This time I used Armor All. I love how this one small touch makes the exterior look new again.
  • I used Armor All on the interior front of the car. It looks so shiny and new. When it looks like this it makes me want to keep it clean and spiffy.
  • Yesterday, I spent the evening cleaning all the windows, inside and out. I use Invisible Glass spray cleaner. This even got rid of some sticky, very sticky, pine sap that has been on my front window for a few months.
  • Today I am going to take the screens out of the windows and wash them. They are pretty dusty.
  • The tires and wheels will be cleaned as well. I have another product or two for this job.

Wow, this is just the exterior and front. Next I will tackle the interior. Here is what I have done so far and what comes next.

  • RV cleaning and primping 4After I defrosted my Dometic refrigerator, I cleaned the interior with a vinegar solution. I found that if I do this mold does not even think of forming. I can leave the door open or closed with the same result. Before I turn it on I will give it one more cleaning with a vinegar solution.
  • That same vinegar solution will be used on the floor as well.
  • All the wood surfaces will be dusted and lovingly oiled. I usually do this once a year or more.
  • Clean the sink, clean the counter tops. I usually will take the faucet apart to make sure no grit has gotten in there. I will check the filter by the pump for the same reason.
  • Check the propane loving equipment. Do the burners work? What about the generator? I exercise my generator every month. With the hot weather upon us I want to make sure my air conditioner works.
  • What about my Super Fan screen. I will probably clean that, as well. The last time I did that it was pretty yucky.
  • Clean the bathroom, and I mean all of the bathroom. Yep, even the toilet.
  • Clean the microwave. I tried a product on the outside of it two weeks ago. The outside looks shiny and almost new.
  • Now the fun part of nesting starts. I get to move all my things back in. It is amazing how one can spread out in a larger space. All those things will once again need to be compacted and put into their appropriate place.

These lists are not complete, yet, you get the idea. This is work. It is loving work and fun. I know  I will be ready to move in. I am not sure Elsie the Cat will be ready. She will join me though. And we will be ready to, once again, embrace the Small Motorhome Lifestyle.