Finally, Full Timing

Since the end of January I have been “on the road.” I have been on the run from my dentist. I remained in San Diego much longer than I expected. The dentist required some time. After a bit of whining I was given a reprieve and I headed east.

Two Happy RT’s conversing in the desert

I immediately met up with Mary Z. in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona. It is good to have my own tour guide and friend with me. Each time we meet up I learn new things from her. It is good to be humble and learn.

After a week and a half we parted ways. I continued to venture south and east, spending time at Organ Pipe Cactus National Park and Saguaro National Park. I met up with a friend of mine in Tucson and then headed east again.

I have spent the last four days at Chricahua National Monument. I thank Mary for this suggestion. Until today I have been hiking and exploring the park. It is known for its geological formations. The campground is small and a delight to be in. The hiking is grand.



When I was traveling with Cat (my cycling friend…remember my summer adventure?), I did not feel like I was full timing in my RV.  We moved frequently and I felt more like I was on vacation. Full timing, in my Roadtrek means I can stay places longer and really explore areas I am currently camped in. Since I left the city at the end of January it feels more like I am full timing in my RV. I like being in one place and getting to know it.

On those nice sunny days, which the southwest is known for, I can always find something to do. On a rainy day like this one I need to be more creative and enjoy my home. After a 1.8 mile hike to the top of a peak (Sugarloaf) this morning, and being chased off the summit by thunder and lightening, I have had the rest of the day to figure out what to do to entertain myself.

What do I do with a rainy day?

  • I ate my  lunch at the parking lot where I hiked. I like not having a structured day. Just because I was done with the hike, doesn’t mean I have to leave. I have noticed other rigs just sitting and enjoying the view. When the winds kicked up I finally drove off down the canyon at a very slow pace so I could look around. When there were pull offs I stopped and read the information plaques or stared at the balancing boulders.
  • I finished reading a very good fiction book about May Dodd. One Thousand Women, The Journals of May Dodd. Since I have moved in full time I have been enjoying reading books.
  • Take a nap-What a luxury.
  • Balance my checkbook. When I went full time I discovered that the bills still need to get paid.
  • There are just less of them now.
  • Clean-boring and yet a fact of life.
  • Shhh…don’t tell anyone but I have started to paint and draw a little.
  • Edit and refine my photos.
  • Play with the cat. She should be first on the list.
  • I enjoy meditating. I find I have more time for that now.
  • Sometimes it is fun to stare out the windows and watch the day go by.
  • And believe it or not after almost 4 years I still read the manuals. I am still learning.
Elsie and the Sheepskin

Little by little I find I am enjoying my time in my Roadtrek. When it is rainy and cold, I am warm and snuggly. There is always a safe place for Elsie the Cat. It is her home too. This Christmas I thought I bought a cool present for myself, sheepskin seat covers. Little did I know that I would have to fight the cat for the pleasure of sitting in the passenger seat. This is now her favorite place to reside. She even rides there when I am driving.

Tomorrow we roll. It is time to check out the eastern side of these mountains. The adjustment to full timing is a process and so I allow myself time to ease into it. Every day is a new adventure. What more could I ask for?


3 thoughts on “Finally, Full Timing”

  1. Thank you for this post. I’m preparing to go full time, and I’m pondering what typical days will end up feeling like. What you wrote resonates with how I think I’ll feel. Wishing you days of wonder and joy.

  2. Am loving your blog! And envying your life. It looks like your kitty is doing well. I’m curious, is she an older cat? Where do you keep the kitty-loo (all-important question fir travelers!). Is she a leash walker? Is she wanting to go outside? I’m astounded at the idea of a cat living in a van, but if they have the right personality I’m sure they can adapt. Would love to hear the details 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

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