Living the Full Time Life

 Living the Full Time Life

I have been living in my Roadtrek SS Agile Class B campervan for over two years now. As the seasons roll into winter I take time to ponder what is good and not so good about this lifestyle. How long do I want to do this? Where is my next stop? Do I want to get a site in a RV resort so I have somewhere to rest up when I need some time off from traveling?

How is it to live in this tiny space, almost full time? Why do I say almost? If I am visiting friends and family I never turn down a bed in a house with a real shower. Once in a while I will resort to a hotel or other type of abode. A year ago I spent three months in a VRBO near the beach. I needed to stretch my legs and feel permanent for a while.

If I am house sitting, I really embrace the larger space. I also look forward to getting back into my tiny home on wheels and heading into the unknown.

What are the pro's and con's of this lifestyle? What do I enjoy the most and the least. 

Pro's – any of us that have RV's know most of these.

  • I can pick up at a moment's notice and head out to camp – Boondocking, RV parks, State Parks and some unique camp sites as well.
  • I can plan my travels to include visiting friends and family all over the United States and Canada. It has made my far away friends seem much closer. 
  • On those cold, rainy or snowy nights it is so nice to be snuggled into my warm and dry home. No more tent camping for me, well most of the time. 
  • I have met very good and nice people as I have traveled. I have met  other solo women whom I have traveled with. It is good to have company and share our individual adventures while also planning group adventures together.
  • I exercise more. If I am near a town, I will walk into town to shop or tour. I also travel with my bicycle so enjoy biking and hiking as well.
  • Living the Full Time Life 2It is good to have a companion. Miss Elsie the Cat will occasionally join me on a hike. She doesn't always walk the whole way. She rides on my daypack or my shoulders. Who knew?
  • I like the contemplation time. It is good to take time to ponder a whole myriad of thoughts and ideas. Pondering is always good. 
  • I have learned a lot about self sufficiency. I have learned a lot about myself. I have become a sometimes, plumber, electrician, builder and more. 


  • Do any of you know how dirty a small space can get? Add living in dirt or sand or even under trees and the dirt accumulates quickly. I clean more than I have ever done in my whole life. I hate to clean but I am at it at least a few times a day. I mean I can clean the surface of my refrigerator and other surfaces as well and within a few hours, boom there is more dust. Ay Yi Yi. 
  • It is hard sometimes, to keep a small space organized, although it is a must. The bed is made every morning. All papers get filed immediately. Everything has a place and it must go back in that place when done with it. I am not a dirty person but I have always been a bit of a clutterer. Not any more. 
  • Living the Full Time Life 3
    Cathy & Me-Friends because of Boondockers

    I tend to get lonely. I travel with a delightful kitty, yet it is not another human being. This year I have become active with Boondockers Welcome. I usually will try to find a site at least once every other week when I am “on the road”. Again, people are nice and it has assuaged my loneliness. I also get the perk of discovering places and events in the local communities. Even better I make new friends and feel that I am a bit more part of a community. I have made a few good friends doing this. They have enriched my life.

  • I miss the permanent sense of community that I had before I sold my home. My friends were such an amazing support after my husband Jim's death. 
  • If something physically goes wrong with the RV, it is almost guaranteed to happen in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness for good roadside support through CoachNet. Talking to a person on the phone certainly helps calms my nerves, when things go awry.
  • Tackling health concerns can be a bit stressful. I can not always run to my doctor when something happens. I have become used to looking for urgent care facilities wherever I travel. I have also discovered The Joint for my chiropractic needs. I have accumulated a bit of a list of local health care workers wherever I may roam. I also see dentists every three months for dental cleanings. At first, tackling these issues was stressful but over time it has become routine. 
  • Just like a sticks and bricks home, this is my home and it occasionally needs to be fixed. I try not to fuss at the cost. I remind myself this is no different than owning a home and usually less expensive. 

Currently I am stationary in San Diego County. Every year I return here for my annual medical and dental work. All my radiology tests are done and I am currently visiting all my doctors. For those of you who don't know, I am a breast cancer survivor so these annual visits are important. 

Living the Full Time Life 4
San Diego

I also get to visit with my strong community of friends. We catch up and trade stories. I enjoy spending the holidays with everyone. I house sat for a month and a half and am now stationed in a very pretty RV park with quick access to all my needs. Miss Elsie likes our spot in the back of the campground. I just need to bring her in before dusk. Coyotes are an issue. 

I have no idea where I will go next and that is OK. I do know that it certainly will not be anywhere cold.

I enjoy being in the moment more now. I am looking forward to Christmas and New Year. I hope you are too. And next year I look forward to meeting some of you out there. 

Happy Holidays everyone.



  • Janet! I was so happy to see this article! I, too, am a widow and have been trying to decide (over the past year) whether to sell my place and go full time RVing. That was mine and my husband’s dream. The biggest thing holding me back is the fact I would be traveling alone. It sounds as if you are handling this well. Your story has given me courage to continue investigating this possibility.

    By the way, my husband’s name also was Jim (Arnold). :).

  • Hi Janet, Diane and Casey checking in on your travels. You stayed at our place in North Idaho. Good to see you are still loving the life on the road. Love reading your posts. Our warmest wishes for a healthy happy spring and summer.

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