Living the Not So Perfect Life

 Living the Not So Perfect Life

Have you ever done stupid things, not blatantly stupid but funny stupid and then you have to suffer the consequences? Well, welcome to my world. It is amazing the interesting things that happen to me. It is not only since I have owned my Roadtrek SS Agile, yet, now it seems these events, more often than not, happen around my RT. 

Living the Not So Perfect Life 2About a month after I bought my shiny new rig, I backed into my driveway heard a horrible noise, and went around to the back of my rig. There before my horror filled eyes was my one rear door window in shatters and a dent that I believed was the size of the Grand Canyon, in my door. It is not really that big, yet according to my shock register it looked that way. I had backed into an ornamental cupola above my garage door. I mean that thing didn't even have a purpose. Thanks to mobile auto glass repair that part was fixed within the hour. The dent is still in my door and it looks smaller with each passing year.

I have cut corners too short and scraped up my steps. Sometimes, in the first few years, I cut it too short backing into camping sites. I have a small dent here and a small dent here. Unfortunately none of these small bumps have been able to be fixed by suction. Sigh. I figure when I sell it I will get all these fixed before it hits the market. Each time one of these happens I feel like the worst RV owner in the world. I remember to breath and life goes on. 

Living the Not So Perfect Life 3

As many of you may remember when I first moved into my rig full time, I was in northern CA and ran over a boulder in the Home Depot parking lot. When I backed off I pulled the whole front bumper off. Ay Yi Yi. With the help of some very nice people and duct tape I was able to secure everything and headed to Medford, Oregon for a more permanent fix. It was awful yet the wonderful outcome of this adventure was that I met Mary Zuschlag and we have been friends ever since. That was a very good outcome. 

I will not even share with you some of the events. They remain secret, between me, Elsie the Cat and EmmyLou the RT. Maybe if I see you in person and you ask, I may share the details but more than likely not. 

About two weeks ago I was visiting a friend of mine in Idylwild, CA. I was packing to leave and drive back down the hill to San Diego. I had my armoire door open, as I was packing my clothes. I tripped and fell down the aisle of the RV, hit the top of my head on the open door and snap, that door broke right at the hinges. Oh No!!!! I looked in horror at the broken door. I remembered to breath, reminded myself there was a solution and continued to pack. I strung duct tape across the now invisible door to hold my belongings in and drove to the local lumber yard. Well, the guys couldn't wait to help me. So with sage advice, more duct tape and wood glue, I drove down the hill. 

Yesterday, I sat and carefully glued the broken side back to the main door, secured it well with duct tape, cleaned up any seeping glue ignored it for the rest of my evening. This morning I got up, removed the tape and it looks, well, almost new. It is now screwed back on and I am ready to roll once again. 

I do believe I will replace the door but it is now not an urgent issue. I can still tour people through my RV and I don't have to explain this stupid incident to anyone. They will never know it happened. 

Now it is your turn. I know I am not alone in doing stupid things with big or little consequences. So come on, fess up and share your story. 



  • At least once in every trip I wack my forehead on the overhead storage compartment. I know it’s there. I even say to myself: “don’t hit your head”, and I still Wack! at least once. The compartment remains undamaged. My forehead, not so much.

    • Our brain doesn’t register a negative. So, it doesn’t perceive the “don’t” and only perceives “hit my head.” Works with all sorts of negative behaviors. Think, “I will avoid the door.”

      If I tell my puppy, “don’t jump on me,” guess what she does? So, I tell her “four on the floor” or “off.”

  • Now getting older, i wonder WHO was the person who designed compartment door that lifted up instead of swinging out of the way! I bet he wasn’t a senior who had to climb on his knees to get under a slide to access something…My head gets hit every time!

  • I backed into a huge rock in a wine vineyard parking lot 3 times, going back & forward trying to miss what I couldn’t see, because I didn’t see anything behind me before getting in my rig (wine was a factor). When I got out to check again, I did see the rock & luckily, the only damage was some black paint off my continental tire post. Installed a little back up camera later to solve that problem!

  • Last year we were in Big Bend National Park to see the Lunar eclipse. We were fairly new owners of our RT BluBelle, and, living in Texas and traveling in the south, had never used the propane heater. That night it got down to 34 degrees and our heater just wouldn’t work. When we got back and took it to the RV shop, the tec pointed out that the 2″ high rug which I had put between our two twin beds was enough to block the heater. Burrr..

  • My best was walking out of a supermarket, in time to watch a little old man let his empty cart escape and roll down the hilly parking lot to wham the door of the RT! He never even noticed, and I didn’t have the heart to point it out. Sigh. I, too, will be old and oblivious some day…

  • I broke a vertical slide out pantry drawer when it was open in a fall and was also horrified. We taped it shut to get home. Once home I removed the sliders and added hinges to reconfigured the drawer into a door and now use the space for trays and cleaning supplies. I actually like it better this way!

  • Thankyou for explaining the dents and duct tape in my new to me 2006 Roadtreck Agile LOL!

    • They sold it like that? Did you get a discount? Lol

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