Winterizing: Even though its almost spring?

 Winterizing: Even though its almost spring?
Winterizing: Even though its almost spring? 2
Sunny San Diego

A week ago Saturday, I left warm San Diego and began a, sometimes, grueling drive to Newark, Ohio. I had a mission, I was on my way to help family out until the grandparents returned. It was an adventure. I drove through sagebrush Texas, into Arkansas (where there was a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere), into Tennessee and finally reached Ohio where the temperature was 29 degrees F and snowing. What the hey???

I always swore that if I ever had to winterize my vehicle someone was going to do it for me. With the encouragement of friends and fellow Roadtrekers' I decided to take on a new task. You would have thought that this was a major life changing event. I read all of the blogs on the, Roadtreking: Celebrating the RV Lifestyle site. I watched YouTube Videos. I read my manual several times. When I am on the road, the SS Agile manual remains a favorite read in the evenings.

I felt I was almost ready. I went to Walmart and got the RV antifreeze, the pink juice. Winterizing: Even though its almost spring? 3Then I contacted Jeff and Mary Jane Curry. Oh great, one southern Californian helping another southern Californian winterize their vehicle. With one quick question by messenger, to the infamous Campskunk, I took a deep breath and dove in.

Funny everyone told me that this job would take me twenty minutes. An hour and a half later I was done. Jeff Curry gave me step by step directions which helped so much. Thank goodness for texting. Finally with a call to Jeff to confirm that my lingering concerns, at the end of the process were over kill, I was winterized. Whew, thank goodness that was a completed mission. I learned several new things and feel proud of myself for taking it on. And I have a new tool. How cool is that?

Now I am at my niece's, EmmyLou the Roadtrek is shivering, yet tolerating winter in the driveway. With continuing cold weather I am so glad I took the time to winterize. I have one less concern and I am content that everything will be OK.

The next major event will occur when I get ready to dewinterize. I don't think that will be as big of a deal as I am skilled enough to know that I can reverse directions pretty easily. Do I think it will take more than 20 minutes? YES! Being slower and being more comfortable with the outcome is fine with me.

Since Jim's death and the purchase of this little dream machine, I continue to learn and grow. I grow. The cat grows and EmmyLou helps with the process. What an adventure it continues to be. What is that white stuff coming out of the sky? Snow!!!!


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