Rallying & Joining the International Percy Fan Club

 Rallying & Joining the International Percy Fan Club
Rallying & Joining the International Percy Fan Club 1
Elsie, rides shotgun.

A month ago Miss Elsie and I packed up our RV  EmmyLou, and began the drive east from San Diego. We are at times meandering our way to New Jersey and other times, well we are putting on the miles so we can have time to visit with family, friends and get ready for the last “Going to Africa” stage. 

Miss Elsie the Cat and the rig will spend the summer on the lake in northern NJ, while a friend of mine and I are off on a two month adventure to Africa. I leave July 6 and return in early September. 

My first adventure out of San Diego this spring was to attend the Pismo Beach Rally hosted by Mary Jane and Jeff Curry. It was a perfect four day rally. The size was small enough to border on intimate and casual enough that no one felt a need to attend anything they did not want to. I believe I met everyone at least once. The smaller size was a perfect setting for me. I have been shy of crowds since Jim, my husband, died six years ago. Mary Jane and Jeff are continuing to perfect the rally experience. Among the attendees was Lisa, who brought wines from her vineyard in the Sonoma Valley. What a good contribution to the pot luck on the first evening. Helen and Dave Steinheider brought their famous Limoncello. Boy does that have a kick. 

Rallying & Joining the International Percy Fan Club 2

While I was at the above rally I met the infamous Percy-through his caretakers-Helen and Dave Steinheider. Percy has been traveling with this couple, well, since before Dave was in the picture. Percy has been longing to meet Miss Elsie the Cat and finally was able to connect with her, however briefly at the rally. Elsie was given a rose and kitty treats, She was somewhat smitten. 

Elsie and Percy decided that they wanted to meet again. On our eastern adventure we were able to meet again. Helen, Dave and Percy live in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dave and Helen were the perfect hosts. I was given a tour of Lincoln and encouraged to return. They fed me well. We talked into the wee hours. I had a hot shower and bed to sleep in. My RV friendship list is continuing to expand. 

Rallying & Joining the International Percy Fan Club 3
Helen & Percy grilling the perfect NE steak
Rallying & Joining the International Percy Fan Club 4
Helen & Dave-breakfast treats


Meeting others and establishing friendships is something I continue to enjoy about the RV groups on Facebook. I like meeting kindred souls. I continue to meet the nicest people. I have begun to travel with other solos which is a fun and interesting experience. Occasionally I meet up with couples such as Helen and Dave. I am grateful for this meeting and other's like it. 


I have moved east since leaving Dave and Helen. I am now in Ohio visiting family and then it is on to NJ. My sister from the lake has met up with me in Ohio and we will depart in a few days to continue on the last leg of this journey. Elsie will get settled into her 3 month home and I will do that last minute rush around getting ready to travel abroad. 

If you are interested in my adventures you might consider following my blog Journeys of Thankfulness (click on the link in blue and it will direct you to the blog). I will be posting stories and many photos from Victoria Falls, South Africa and Kenya.



  • Janet- have a great time in Africa!!! Mom and I went about 3 years ago and I loved it. So incredible to see the animals before they are gone.
    And the people- what an education.

  • Janet, I love reading your RV travels. In 2004 you were our Grace Academy tour guide for our senior trip to Los Angeles and San Diego. We often remark you were the perfect guide and we all remember our trip fondly. We traveled in our fifth wheel out west for several years. If you are ever in Chattanooga please let us know. Happy Africa trip and safe travels. 2004 sponsor: Sherre Stuckey

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