Southern California attractions for the RVer

 Southern California attractions for the RVer

San Diego from Point Loma

California is a great RV destination. I live there. In San Diego.

I thought I would share with you some of my adventures this summer in San Diego and show you what makes San Diego city and county a must on your RV touring agenda.

This topic came to mind on Sunday when I decided to take my road bike to Point Loma, a spit of land that separates the bay from the ocean. It also happens to be the home of Cabrillo National Monument, founded in 1913. I started low on the bay side and biked until I reached the entrance to one of several Navy bases on the bay. I rode and walked up some steep hills and found amazing homes to look at and breath taking views across the bay to San Diego and Coronado. In the middle of this part of the morning it started to rain, hard. So I climbed under a tree and laid my bike on the ground. All of a sudden I heard a different sound and I got to witness a flash flood. It was way cool, especially since I was not involved in it. After the rain had passed I walked back down the hills to the bay and found a new beach to launch my kayak from. Well I am pleased.

Historic Lighthouse at Cabrillo
Historic Lighthouse at Cabrillo

I rode up this extremely steep hill (Talbot Street)  and began the ride to Cabrillo National Monument. It is a beautiful ride along a ridge about 400 feet above sea level. Along the way you pass several Navy installations  and Fort Roscrans National Cemetery before arriving at the entrance gate to the National Monument. At this point I had to turn around. I couldn't find my money and I left my National Park Pass home. Bummer.

I met another biker who told me that visitors could go to the International Robo-sub Competition that was being held at SSC Pacific TRANSDEC a section of SPAWAR. I detoured down the hill on the ocean side to see what this event was about.  The competition brought together 28 teams of students from 10 countries to compete in an underwater obstacle course using autonomous underwater vehicles that the teams designed. 

There were teams from all over the world, from middle school to college level competing in this competition. I met people from Russia, Scandinavia, Canada and more. It was fun and interesting. I learned more than I ever thought I would know about un-manned subs. It gives me so much encouragement when I meet young people that are enthusiastic about their career path and completely involved with life.

I returned to Liberty Station, which is a redefined Naval installation and watched the dog agility competition, held most weekends. Talk about enthusiasm, those dogs have it. I had a good day and discovered some new places in the City by the Bay. By 4 pm I was home and working on projects. This has made me decide to get out more and explore my home.

Point Loma Attractions

  • Cabrillo National Monument – Explore the tide pools, visit the Historic Lighthouse, Hike down the bay side trail and see the old bunkers installed during WWII, Watch for whales during the annual migration.
  • Walk the Bessamer Rd Trail along the Bay. This is very pretty.
  • Point Loma Nazarene University
    Point Loma Nazarene University

    Visit the campus of Point Loma Nazarene University. Drive down the hill and park in a public lot. From there you can access trails that will take you down to the Pacific Ocean and into Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. There is a canyon in this area where the students have painted the rocks and walls. It is unique and different.

  • When the surf is up come and watch the surfers surf the Osprey, Nubs and Garbage breaks. Yes it is true that if the waves are colossal surfers call in sick to work.
  • Launch your kayak, paddle board at Bessamer Beach and paddle  out to San Diego Bay.
  • Explore Liberty Station. Formerly the site of San Diego's Naval Training Center now a planned urban residential community with mixed-use retail, commercial and cultural tenants incorporated into many of the preserved historical buildings, as well as newer buildings.
  • Stop at Point Loma Seafoods for a fresh fish sandwich.
  • Take a walk, drive or bike the hilly streets and see unique architecture and beautiful gardens  in the private homes of Point Loma.

San Diego has many attractions, The San Diego Zoo, Zoofari, Seaworld, Balboa Park (one of my favorites), Legoland and more. What I always try to do when I travel is to see the big name attractions but then get off the beaten path and see the area from the local point of view. Yesterday I did that. And…it is just the beginning.

If you would like to learn more about where I live,  let me know and I will try to show off my county from an insiders point of view.

When you are traveling this summer look for the unique and get off the beaten path, whatever that means to you. You will not be disappointed.



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  • i have never been here – always hit the coastal highway north of here, and headed on up. i do the dead of winter in Florida so it’s April by the time i get out west, but apparently San Diego is 12 month a year camping territory. maybe i’ll vary my schedule next go-round. the coast looks crowded with no boondocking opportunities, but hopefully there are national forests and mountains inland.

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