Getting Ready to Roll

 Getting Ready to Roll
My campsite for the past week and a half
My campsite for the past week and a half

My sticks and bricks home sold a week ago. After a very busy month, I needed time to relax and settle in to my new home on wheels. On closing day, what was left in the house and garage, went into the Roadtrek and me and Elsie the Cat  drove maybe 4 miles to where I have been staying.

I am staying in a friend's driveway with shore power available. I have  access to her home and yard and hot tub. I needed time to regroup and take care of some minor issues with the Roadtrek. The first few days I spent in the back yard, under this beautiful pine tree. Napping, reading and taking care of the cat, was about all I could handle.

The following Monday, I began to nest. I replaced some of the latches on my storage areas. I bought a new tool. Reflectix ready for all windows. I fixed a new screen door for my side entrance and started to figure out my storage space. Do I still have too many things? You bet. Will I be tossing them as I figure out more about my newly chosen lifestyle? You bet.

I have run the gamut of emotions since my house closed. I don't miss the house but I miss the symbolism of it. I spent close to 25 years, in a fulfilling relationship, there. It seems so strange to know I am so close to it and yet it might as well be a million miles away. It is no longer mine. I can hear Jim saying “good for you.” I think he has been waiting for me to move on for a while now.

Miss Elsie the Cat

I have said “Via con Dios” to many of my friends and am feeling anxious to get rolling. I have a few more days until I start to truly experience a new lifestyle. My Roadtrek is ready. Elsie the Cat, well maybe she is ready. I am certainly beginning to feel ready.

I am a bit leery of the unknown yet, once I arrive it will no longer be unknown. I know I have a good set of wheels under me. My little Roadtrek home is beautiful and just perfect the way it is. I do think that there will continue to be an adjustment period and modifications will continue to be made. That is all part of settling in.

My Roadtrek is ready to roll. She has been checked over by Mercedes Benz. Holland Motor Homes checked all her riggings. I had her detailed. If she didn't have a few bangs or bumps, totally my fault, the outside would look brand new.

Where am I going? North. I am hugging the coast and heading for Oregon early in the month. I am meeting up with friends and going off on another grand adventure. I promise there will be more to come as the plans unfold. It is going to be fun.

I am looking forward to seeing friends and making new ones. I am planning to find new adventures great and small to embark on. I would be happy to meet up with any of you along the way. It would be fun. Getting ready……