Getting Ready to Roll-Grand Canyon Country Here I Come

 Getting Ready to Roll-Grand Canyon Country Here I Come

This past week has been a busy one for me. I have been sorting out, packing up and checking that all systems are go in my cute little RV. I am heading by way of somewhere in the desert (I don't know the destination yet) and Flagstaff, to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. After a spending the weekend there I will be driving to Zion National Park to visit friends. I am finding I am excited and anxious all at the same time. It has been a long time since I traveled in my RV solo.

Bodhi & Dory


I want to tell you what I am going to do and where I am heading.

This will help me get excited and hopefully decrease the stress.

First I am driving east to the deserts of California and Arizona, to meet a woman who I chanced upon at my volunteer job at Mission Trails Regional Park. Kat and her 2 dogs are rolling in a much different way. She started bicycling from Santa Barbara with her two dogs, across the United States. I was intrigued enough to meet her at her campsite that night. Over ceviche, wine and birthday cake (mine) we talked. We became instantly inspired by each other. Right now she is in Mexicali and I will be meeting her east  of Yuma somewhere. I am excited to be meeting up with her and the girls (Bodhi & Dory). She is pulling over one hundred pounds. Wow!!! If you would like to follow her progress here is her blog.

Rolling with Kat

It is onto Flagstaff to visit with friends for a few days before I drive north into Grand Canyon Country.

Getting Ready to Roll-Grand Canyon Country Here I Come 1
Kane Ranch

The rest of my trip is anything but routine. Because of a brochure I received in the mail, I am going to a private historic ranch just off the north rim of the Grand Canyon to attend a water color workshop taught by Suze Wolff.  Suze is the artist in residence at the ranch. This ranch is owned by the Grand Canyon Trust. They have just started to run weekend workshops on the ranch. I am a watercolor artist that has not picked up a brush since Jim's death. I decided that this might be the place to get the incentive to pick up the brushes again. If that doesn't work out then I will just pick up my camera instead. Or even better sit in my zero gravity chair and stare at the vastness and contemplate.

Zion National Park will be next after a night of camping somewhere n the high desert country. It has been a year since I last saw Sharon. Much has changed for her and it will be good to sit with a glass of wine and catch up with a very long time friend.

Getting ready has been a challenge for me. I am a little skittish about traveling alone. You would think that after my summer of traveling the states a year ago I would be over this. Not so. I have been out in my RV many times since then. I have always traveled with friends. Now I have to get into another mind set and it is a bit hard to do. I have found meditation and yoga  have settled me down and preparation is in the final phase.

I am very thankful for lists. One list helps me remember all the things I want to take with me.  Another list reminds me of the things I need too do to get my RT ready. I added two other lists to this trip. One tells me all the water color supplies I need. Another tells me what to bring to stay comfortably at the ranch. Ahhhhh….too many lists. My-brain-has-too-many-tabs-open-SEE-YA-POST (1)It helps to remember what one member of the Roadtrek Facebook page said when I started out on my journey across the US a little over a year ago. Just go and learn as you go. These rigs are sturdy and it will take a lot of me doing wrong things, to hurt this RT. I am glad I can remember that now. It is comforting and I know that this statement is true. And I take all of you and Coach Net with me. Definitely a valuable resource.

I don't have all the fancy high tech gadgets like Mike. I like to go to coffee houses to blog. It helps remind me to get out of the RV. I actually set my alarm clock for every two hours so that I will remember to get out and stretch or take or hike or do something different. My driver seat is so comfortable I could drive forever. I will  blog when I can along the way. It is not a long trip but it will be my next adventure.

Getting ready and getting excited.



  • You are a strong woman. You have already proven it. You got this……

  • I don’t usually comment…just read. I felt compelled to comment on this one though. I just wanted to say “Go Girl”! Wish there were more of us out there…

  • Go Janet! Can’t wait to hear how the workshop went and how the weather was, hope it’s above freezing!
    –Your biggest fans, Cat, Bodhi and moony-eyed Dory.

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