Meeting Travelers in My Back Yard: The Anza Borrego Desert

 Meeting Travelers in My Back Yard: The Anza Borrego Desert

Mary & Janet & the cute rig in the background.

The Badlands
The Badlands-my view from my boon docking campsite.

This year I have decided to push myself socially. It is time to hole up a little less. My first adventure into this realm was suppose to be the FMCA Rally in Indio. Unfortunately that was stalled by a leaky roof in my “sticks & bricks” house, the night before I was suppose to leave.

My second opportunity was definitely more successful. A fellow Roadtrek traveler, Mary Zuschlag arrived in my back yard, The Anza Borrego Desert two days ago. She has been on-the-road since before Christmas. When I found out she was there I suggested that I come and join her, for too brief a visit. I drove my RV to the desert to meet up with Mary in the Badlands.

We had a really fine visit. After a brief hello, we put our hiking boots on and headed into Canyon Sin Nombre. There are some wonderful slot canyons down there and I wanted to show them to her. t was a perfect day in the desert: Dark blue sky, Sun shining, Temperature in the high 60's and good company. All of the elements were present. What even made it better was being in the slot canyons.

into the Slot
into the Slot
Mary in the slot
Mary in the slot




Mary and I found we have a lot in common. We talked our way through the day and into the evening. It was good to meet her. I think we will be doing some adventuring together in the future.

Each time I reach out and move out of my comfort zone, even just a little, and it has positive results, well, the next time may be it will be just a bit easier.

Getting ready to go at the last minute was a minor challenge and yet, easy to do as well. Around 8 in the evening the RV was plugged in so my refrigerator could start to cool off. Checking everything was a pretty quick process. In the morning I threw the pillows and bedding in and was ready to go. I was on the road by 7:15 a.m. I made one stop for diesel and one for propane. I arrived out in the desert about 2 hours later.

I appreciate the ease of this process. When I first bought my RV it would not have been so easy. It feels good to know that I feel a bit more accomplished in managing my rig. It was good to have it in the desert as it was close to freezing during the night. I love my flexible little rig and it's heater too.

I am so glad to have made a new friend. Little did I know when I bought my Roadtrek that it would open up my world in many different ways.  I look forward to meeting more of you. And, if you are ever in my front or back yard, send me a private message, and if I am available I would love to show you my area of the world.

Another pic of the slot canyons.