Beginning the Nomadic Lifestyle

 Beginning the Nomadic Lifestyle

A View from the Campground

Last Tuesday, July 19, I left San Diego to begin my nomadic life as a full tim RVer, in my sweet little Roadtrek. I broke myself in easy.

My hosts and their tiny house on wheels
My hosts and their tiny house on wheels

My first stop was to visit the Curry’s – Jeff and Mary Jane, other Roadtrekers at their home west of LA in a beautiful and fertile valley. Artichokes definitely are the crop of choice. I could not have had nicer hosts. Elsie and I had our own suite with a beautiful door to the backyard. Miss Elsie liked that option.

I received the grand tour ending in a late afternoon dinner at the beach. Sweet, and a nice way to start my new life. I even got a bike ride in while I stayed with them and began to explore. There is a beautiful canyon about a mile from their home, Hill Canyon. It never ceases to amaze me that in an area of the US with billions of people, I can find a very quiet and beautiful place to ride.

Jeff helped me understand my Roadtrek better. I am always up for that. After many months of reading about the anode rod in the hot water tank, via the Roadtrek Facebook page,  I got to see it up close and personal. I now have a new once which I replaced myself with some assistance. I received a few lessons on my engine. Next thing you know, I will be like everyone else and doing the work on my RV myself. NOT!!!!!!

A view of the fire from the campground

Friday I left hoping to camp on the Big Sur Coast. Hah! Do not do this in the summer. Do not think you can just drive out there and get a site in a campground on a July weekend. It is not going to happen. Having driven and camped this area many times, I was happy to do a slow lazy drive through. In some ways, I am glad this played out the way it did. There is a wild fire raging in Garapata Canyon as I drove through. It was impressive to see the smoke. You could actually see the flames. Fire trucks lined that area of the 1 and when I got to Carmel there was actually talk of closing the 1. Made me glad I was north of it.

Now I am camped at Laguna Seca. I can hear the the race cars on the track and soon I will walk over to see them. Even though I have been to Monterey numerous times, I keep thinking I need to go off and explore. It is hard to remind myself that this is now my permanent home and I don’t need to be a tourist 100% of the time. I believe it will take a while to get into this mode of understanding. And….maybe I never will, as long as I pay the bills.

A view from my campsite.
A view from my campsite.

I know the adventure is just beginning. When the sky is blue and I am sitting under some beautiful oaks, sipping my tea, I say to myself well so far this isn’t bad, not bad at all.



  • Happy travels Janet ,I know it will be great in your Roadtrek. The company and the people that own them,look after one another. It’s great to see ,will.look forward to your posting. Bob on Md

    • thank you Bob.

  • Happy trails and safe travels Janet, there is a spot in our driveway if you make it to Whidbey Islans, WA!

    • Sandy don’t offer what you don’t really want. I would love to see Whidbey.

      • I say it from my heart….you are more than welcome to visit

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