14,000 Miles in Four Months: Reflecting On a Summer RV Adventure

 14,000 Miles in Four Months: Reflecting On a Summer RV Adventure

Sunset From “The Land”

A different view of my RT. Hot air Ballooning
A different view of my RT. Hot air Ballooning

Wow, the time flies. I have been back in my stationary home for two weeks. Wow. Is it good to be here? As of today, yes. I arrived back in southern California to hot and humid weather. I kept thinking, this can't be right, we don't do weather like this. Now it has cooled off and I have said goodbye to the humidity and it feels good to be here.

I have had quite a summer. I traveled for close to four months. And travel I did. Me, my Roadtrek and Elsie the Cat took off to see the United States and Canada. It was mostly fun.


Here are some of the highlights.

Cowgirl Eye Candy
  • I rode in the Hells A'Roaring Horse Round-up in Gardiner, Montana on Memorial Day weekend, nine miles at a trot. It was a hoot. I had so much fun and met so many nice people. Elsie spent the four days I was at the ranch under the blankets. Too much excitement for her. And…what were those big things that neighed and brayed behind her house on wheels?
  • I can now officially be called cowgirl eye-candy.
  • Visiting chiropractors across the U.S. and Canada. A result of the Horse Round-up.
  • The Sandhills of north western Nebraska were beautiful.
  • Meeting Kathy and Les Shanteau and Tim and Carol Mallon. Fellow Roadtrekers and now friends.
  • I finally made it to “The Mothership.” I was fortunate to meet Jim H., Leo, Nick, Karen and many others and the RT got spiffed up. I am riding in style. I left knowing I was never alone and the people who built my Roadtrek really do care about me and my ride.

    Lake Lackawanna
    Lake Lackawanna

  • Spending July 4th on Lake Lackawanna, in northern New Jersey brought back memories of childhood. Best fireworks, ever.
  • Learning to Paddleboard. Deciding I really like it.
  • My niece, Adrienne got married in Connecticut. I am not fond of weddings but this one was fun.
  • Vermont, Maine, visiting friends, camping on lakes, need I say more?
  • Hot Air Ballooning over Queechee, Vermont
  • I loved southern New Brunswick. The highlight was The Fundy Trail and the Caves at St Martins.
  • Thinking about the tides in the Bay of Fundy still amaze me.
  • Surprise meet up with a long time friend, Mary on the Cabot Trail.
  • Nova Scotia. What a great place. I could go back again and again. I loved the Cabot Trail, camping on the ocean and hiking in the National Park. Corney Brook Campground was my favorite. Camping with the back doors wide open and the ocean for my view. Delightful.
  • IMG_5229Meat Cove is a great campground too. Meeting Petra and her partner and seeing their incredible rig they had been traveling in for a year. It came from Germany with them.
  • Hiking and biking..everywhere!!
  • Prince Edward Island also has a great National Park system. I loved hiking the floating boardwalk. Beautiful spot.
  • Meeting Barbara and Spencer. She has a Roadtrek too.
  • Boondocking behind the visitor center in Hartland, New Brunswick. My view was the longest covered bridge in the world. Cool.
  • Kamouraska, Quebec is a town on the south side of the St Lawrence Seaway, highway 132. Beautiful little town.
  • Riding the Trans-Canada Highway around the north edges of Lake Huron and Lake Superior was amazingly beautiful. I would love to do this ride again in the fall.
  • IMG_6250Grand Marais, Minnesota. What a great little town. I really enjoyed my time here. Best sunset of the trip was from the campground.
  • Decorah, Iowa. This is a wonderful little college town with a great bike path system, all paved and maintained. Visit the Vestenheim Museum while there. It is definitely worth the stop.
  • Needing to stop in Nebraska and hide behind some trees while a wicked rain storm passed by. I had company.
  • Visiting friends across southern Colorado and Arizona.
  • I ended my trip on a special note. My husband and I bought land, 45 acres,  in southern Colorado many years ago. We were planning to build and retire there. After he died I assumed I would sell it. This is the first time I have visited the land since he died. It was a bit emotional but with the help of good friends that live in the area, I camped for two nights on the property and decided that I am not going to sell it right now. It is beautiful.
Camping on The Land
A View to the Northwest.








If you click the link below you can view all my photos.

Photos From This Trip

Elsie the cat was very brave and often surprised me. She did terrific and was able to recognize, very quickly, that the RT was her safe place. She explored often on her leash when we were stopped. She rode underneath a sheepskin or  when feeling brave on the dashboard or on the floor next to me. She saw so many things and experienced so much for a little six-pound kitty. I was delighted that I brought her with me. Did it change the way I traveled? Yes. Was it less of an adventure? No. Give your animals a chance, take them with you. And, trust your little home on wheels. I left the air conditioning on more than once while I was gone hiking or exploring. It was always on when I returned and she was under the sheepskin, resting. Ah such a life.


Were there things that I would have done different the next time? Without a doubt but that will be the next post.

I traveled over 14,000 miles in four months. I saw 22 states and four provinces. Some of these got much closer inspection than others. I fell into serious like with Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Canada and I plan on returning.

First though I have been cleaning my RT a little every day since I returned. Why? Well it needed cleaning but really I was getting it ready for my next adventure. I along with a friend of mine, leave next Wednesday for the central coast of California. We are off to explore the Guadalupe Sand Dunes with the Nature Conservancy. It is a short trip – five days – and I am looking forward to it.

While you can, don't let the grass grow too long under your feet. Right now, there is no grass under these feet. We are in a drought.





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  • Wow. What a trip! I can’t even begin to think how much fun that must have been, though 800+ miles/week for 16 straight weeks would be way too much for me. 800 miles/month is more like my travel pace, but to each their own. Keep having fun and stay safe on the road.

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