My RV as a Sag Wagon

 My RV as a Sag Wagon

After my massage on Tuesday I drove out of San Diego in my cute little Roadtrek, due east towards Yuma, Arizona. It was a beautiful afternoon drive through the mountains and out to the desert.

First destination was to meet up with my new found and inspiring friend, Kat. She is biking across the USA with her two dogs. After a hot ride she ended her day in Felicity, Arizona. There is not much there and we decided that we would find camping along the “River” in Yuma.

The first plan was to load up the bike and we would drive to Yuma. Kat, with her self determination decided she really wanted to bike to the Welcome to Arizona sign. It has taken her twenty six days to ride from Santa Barbara to Yuma. My Roadtrek became the sag wagon. The dogs climbed into the air conditioned RV. With dogs on board I drove ahead and waited at the sign for Kat to come in.

Come in she did, almost 10 miles later. It was just a bit easier by lightening the load she was pulling by over 50 pounds. Bodhi and Dory really enjoyed the air conditioned respite.

Guess where I spent the first night of the trip? In a hotel room. Kat needed a time out. After going almost 500 miles she was ready for a real shower, the laundromat and time for personal errands.

On Wednesday we headed out of Yuma in the afternoon and the RV's job as a sag wagon continued until we arrived in Gila Bend. Trust me, there is not much there. I left Kat, the dogs, and all the gear in Gila last night. She will continue south to Ajo and Why, Arizona and hopefully in several days arrive in Tucson for another respite with friends.

Driving the dogs, Kat and the bikes around was fun. I enjoyed the chance to help her out and move her along through the very hot and dry desert. Did you know that in the hot months the sun is white and hot when it rises in the desert?

With my ready for everything RV I had no trouble handling her bike, the dogs' cart and all the gear. I think it is terrific to have this space when it is needed. When she asked for help I was able to say “no problem”. And it wasn't.

After leaving Gila I did the four hour drive to Flagstaff where I am spending a couple days with a very good friend. When I arrived last night it was chilly. Brr. I love my RV SuperBag. Thank you Mike and Jennifer for the suggestion. I love that I have heat in my RT. Sharon wanted me to sleep in the house and I told her no. I wanted to sleep in my cutie. This morning I am sitting in my wonderfully heated RV and finishing this blog. Sweet.

I am glad that I checked all the different components of the RV before I left. It felt good to know everything was working. When I came into my home away from home last night I knew exactly what to do and I knew that everything would work and it did.

I am ready for another day of that southwest sunshine and less heat. The desert was hot. Flagstaff at 7000 feet will be lovely. On to the next phase of my southwest adventure.

One last note before I finish. I want to thank all of you who “like” my blog postings on Facebook and who continue to support me on my journeys. You help drive me forward. I appreciate all the suggestions and comments. It helps. Thank you.

Sorry, no photos with this one. I am at the Cameron Trading post on the Navajo Nation and this wifi won't let me download. I will post pics when I can.


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