Janet’s New Year Resolution & Her First Rally

 Janet’s New Year Resolution & Her First Rally

Ready To Rally

getting ready to Rally
Getting Ready to Rally Indio

I have always been a very social person. I like meeting new people and going to gatherings. Since my husband, Jim died three years ago, I have found that I am not comfortable in large groups of people. I enjoy the one on one encounters or socializing with a few people at a time. I have avoided large groups for the past three years.

My New Years resolution for 2016 is to push myself a little and get out there into the social world more and go to larger gatherings of people. This is a direct challenge to me and I am feeling ready to take it on.

The FMCA Western Rally begins January 6 in Indio, California. I am registered and am beginning to get myself ready to go. I have never been to a rally before. I have been nervous about attending. It is a brand new adventure for me, on a grand scale. It is so grand I am leaving Miss Elsie the Cat home so I can focus on myself and being present in the moment and meeting new people.


So how does one get ready for something like this? I really don't know. I am first of all psychologically and emotionally getting myself ready to go. I have read about rallies, on the internet, on Mike Wendland's blog and, of course, the random comments on the RT Facebook page. I also have told myself that if I get too overwhelmed I will just retreat back to my RV and recoup before I go out again. It is good to have a place to go when I am going to be around many others. My friends and I do this at dances, if we need a break we go to the loo or take a walk outside.

Physically I know I need to make sure I have a full fresh water tank and that my propane is full and that my black and gray water tanks are empty. This I can do.  I am also going to go warm. Man it has been cold out here in southern California. I mean, like freezing cold.

I am parking with the other Roadtreks. That will be fun. They have about 70 rigs coming to this. And that is just the RT's. They also have a beginners orientation. I appreciate this. I am also looking forward to meeting people whose faces or comments I only recognized from Facebook or the Mike's Roadtreking blog.

I am ready for new adventures in my life. Attending the FMCA Rally is a grand way to start the New Year. I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I hope to see some of you there.

Happy New Year Everyone.