Observations: Preparing for Six Weeks of RVing

Janet enjoying an afternoon on the lake.
Janet enjoying an afternoon on the lake.

I have been in northern New Jersey for two weeks. It is good to have a sister with a house on a lake. I have enjoyed the larger space of the house and time to stretch my legs.

Setting Up Home in the Side Yard
Setting Up Home in the Side Yard

Today, I moved back into my Roadtrek. As my niece’s wedding weekend approaches many members of my family are arriving. To make sure there is room for everyone at the house of my sister, Ginny, I have moved out of the house and into the RV. Elsie (my cat), of course, is coming with me.

I have found some reason to spend a little time each day, since I have been in New Jersey,  in my Roadtrek. With the help of Ginny and her husband, I have finished up some projects I wanted to get completed. What are these projects?

  • Create a cover for my counter top. This is to keep it cleaner, since Elsie likes to walk across it, often.
  • Repair my bike rack so that I can, once again, mount it on the back of the Roadtrek.
  • Clean the refrigerator out so that it continues to work well.
  • Clean the floor. It is amazing how much dirt I track in with all the rain on the first month-and-a-half of the trip. And, there was a lot of rain.
  • Replace the cat litter pan with higher sides. This definitely has helped decrease litter in our mobile home.
  • I am still waiting for a hinge to arrive and then I will replace a broken hinge on my refrigerator freezer door.
  • Now that it is getting hot and humid out I am going the reflection route and am going to cut some for the back windows.
  • Nest. I am getting ready for six more weeks of travel when I leave here.

I have decided with so many people here that living in my Roadtrek for the next few days is really a good idea. I can socialize at the main house when I want. When I need time out I can disappear to my Roadtrek and no one will be the wiser. I really love the early morning hours and I will have my own space to relax and read in or outside under my awning. Elsie and I like our little home on wheels and it is good to be back in a familiar space.

Early Morning on Lake Lackawanna
Early Morning on Lake Lackawanna

Right now, however, I am blogging on the front porch. I love this front porch. It is always cool and shaded here. The lake is right in front of me and it is quiet. When I am done here I will head to my front porch and do some reading.

Life, is good.


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