Roadtreking at Home

 Roadtreking at Home

IMG_2739As I write this post, I am sitting in my cute, little Roadtrek in my driveway, on a very wet and rainy day. Elsie the cat has also joined me in this little adventure so close to my house. Why am I sitting out here instead of my house? That is a very good question to ask.

I have been in the process of doing home repairs and maintenance since late February. Most of it was completed except for patching the interior walls and painting. For the last few days the painters have been prepping the walls. Today they paint.

I have been enjoying sitting on my back deck the past few days, with computers at hand. I have caught up on bills, read books, taken photos of the birds at the finch feeder and just generally enjoyed spring in my yard.

Today it started to rain. It has been consistently raining for a few hours. I knew this morning I could kiss the deck good-by. But wait, I have another option. With all the things I need to entertain myself I scootered to the RV (thank you Gary Hennes) and nestled in for the morning. I am sure the painters are glad I am not underfoot.

Elsie the Cat checking out the world from the driveway
Elsie the Cat checking out the world from the driveway

I have discovered a couple other uses for my RV with this latest home repair job underway. By the time everyone arrived on Tuesday, Elsie was already in the RV. She had everything she needed, litter pan, food, water and her favorite sheepskin. I checked on her a couple of times and everything seemed to be going well. After all my appointments, I opened the back doors, turned on the SuperFan and joined her.

This is much nicer than sitting in the garage or even my Subaru. I can get comfy. I have pulled out one of the sleeping bags and have it draped over my lap. My feet are up and I am cozy and dry. Since I have not thoroughly cleaned out my RV since the mishap (broken ankle) in the desert, I have discovered crackers and peanut butter. I have water and tea. And, I have a bathroom! Man I am set.

It is good to have options. I love the idea that my sweet littleRoadtrek is an option that comes in handy. Although I cannot drive it anywhere, at the moment, I am enjoying camping in my driveway on this rainy day.





  • Very cool! I’m a writer that works from home. I really don’t have any dedicated space in my home to use as an office, so I usually end up just working at the kitchen table. My wife and I are planning to purchase a type B camper van sometime in the next year. I wonder if I could use it as my office and write off part of the van on my business taxes? Anyone done something similar?

  • I do the same thing when the cleaning lady comes. It’s great to be able to just go out to the van and be just as comfy and connected as when I’m in the house — and I don’t have to listen to the vacuum!

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