RV Trip Prep: Lists, Lists So Many Lists

 RV Trip Prep: Lists, Lists So Many Lists
Backpacking the desert in my younger days.
Backpacking the desert in my younger days.

When I was younger I could easily get ready for a camping trip or road trip. I would throw my tent, sleeping bag, a backpack, dried food and my boots in the car and I was off. Sometimes the adventures lasted a long weekend and others were months long. It was so easy to go.

EventPhotoFull_horsedriveposter-2015 aIn about a month I am getting ready to leave for three months in  my still nameless Roadtrek. Where am I going? I am a wanderer so 100 percent of this trip is not planned. Oh thank goodness, one less list. I do know I am starting my trip with Miss Elsie the cat on board, driving north to the Hells A'Roaring Horse Round-up in Gardiner, Mt. I am so looking forward to this. I am putting on my riding clothes and riding for the weekend. I am rounding up horses. Yee Haw!!!

From there I head east. I have two weddings to attend on the east coast. My plan is to be in Asheville, NC for a good friend's wedding the first weekend  in June. I am going to be the flower girl (hee, hee). I then have three weeks to make my way to NJ and then CT for my niece's wedding. From there the travel itinerary is wide open. I have always wanted to go to the Maritimes. After a few good friend stops in New England the tentative plan is to head north. Things could change. They often do,

What a different person I am now. I have lists. Lots and lots of lists. When did I try to become this organized? I have lists for everything. Don't get me wrong, they are helpful yet where did the pack it up and go spirit wander off to? Maybe it is age related (I hate this idea). Maybe it is becuase I have an RV instead of a tent and now travel with my home. Lists are just part of the planning now. Thank goodness for the computer as I get to keep my lists on the computer now, well mostly.

Here are some of my lists. I am sure I have forgotten a few.

  • My sticks and bricks list. I have several friends that will be watching the house or staying here. My first list is what I need to tell them. That might not sound like a lot yet this list grows longer every day.
  • My RV check-up list. Phase one is done as of Tuesday. The living space is ready to go. Next is Mercedes for an front end check and a bath. Then it comes home for a wax.
  • The “to buy” list, including buying new essentials…bike rack, Oru kayak, new laptop (so I can keep you up on my adventures) and the wifi hotspot will be the last thing on board.
  • The clothes list. Remember I have two weddings to go to. Ahhh…shoes? What shoes should I take?
  • The vitamins and medications list.

    Elsie enjoying a desert view.
    Elsie enjoying a desert view.

  • The Food list
  • The equipment list. This includes maps.
  • The kitty list. All things cat.
  • Books and podcasts (thanks Mike W) and music to ride.
  • Art supplies. I think it is time to start painting this summer. Small traveling sketch and painting pads are definitely included.
  • The one list that is not computerized is the one that hangs on a hook in my RV. This list is laminated and tells me what I need to do to set up and take down when camping. I have a marker that I can check off these items and then erase them when I am done. It is not a long list but it helps me remember everything. I set this one up when I first bought this cutie and every time I travel I am glad for this list.


So many lists!  I am sure I have missed a few. I am glad that I don't mind organizing a bit. It certainly will make my life easier on the road and make me ride more comfortably, traveling the USA and Canada this spring and summer.

What lists do you have? Come on fess up, I bet you have RV Trip Prep lists too. If you take some time to share them, well maybe I will need a few of your lists and others will benefit too.

My RT enjoying a desert sunset.
My RT enjoying a desert sunset.


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  • Janet – love your idea: “This list is laminated and tells me what I need to do to set up and take down when camping” and it’s accompanying marker. Please share your list 🙂

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