Observations: 10 Reasons to Visit the Roadtrek RV Factory

 Observations: 10 Reasons to Visit the Roadtrek RV Factory

Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Roadtrek Factory in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

10.  You get greeted by a sign in the parking lot that says “Welcome Home”.
9.    You are greeted warmly by everyone. They make you feel included.
8.    The tour of the factory is free and you get to wear cool glasses.
7.    You are treated like royalty.
6.    You get to meet Leo, Matt, Norm and the rest of the gang.
5.    You get to see the original Class B that started this whole thing.
4.    You know your Roadtrek is in good hands.
3.    You get to see the new lithium batteries and try to get a handle on why they might be important to your future Class B experience.
2.    Hopefully you leave with an understanding about what a special little rolling home you have.
1.    You get to meet Jim Hammill.

Leo, Janet, Jim
Leo, Janet, Jim

I have had a pesky water leak in my Roadtrek since I bought it. Unfortunately, it is not consistent. Despite the valiant efforts of the local service department, the issue could not be resolved. With e-mails moving back and forth between me and Jim Hammill, I finally decided to bring my Roadtrek to the “Mothership” and let the experts do their magic.

Elsie in her temporary home
Elsie in her temporary home

Elsie and I checked into the Radisson Hotel on Sunday night. On June 15, my RV and I checked into the Roadtrek Factory.

First thing I joined a tour of the factory. It was amazing and really cool to see all the Roadtreks in different phases of production. What impressed me the most was the cleanliness of the factory, no dust, no dirt, just people working on class Bs. There is also a room that water tests all the models. Having been in so much rain on this trip I am thankful that they test these so thoroughly. I have been snug and dry in my cute little Agile while the rains have poured down.

After the tour I met with Leo and reviewed my list of concerns that I had e-mailed prior to my appointment.  Our conversation was not rushed and I felt included and my opinion respected. As a female, dealing with automotive issues, I do not always feel this way. I appreciated the time and respect I was shown in the intake process.

Matt & Norm
Matt & Norm

Next step, Matt and Norm came to check in with me before they and my RT disappeared into the factory, where she would stay for the next four days, while they worked on her. At first, just like the local service department in San Diego, they were having a hard time finding the leak. Enter Jim Hammill. After he went into the factory and met with Matt they decided that there were probably two leaks and the best thing to do was to take it down to the beginning and find them.

Since I have left Kitchener, despite the rain and wet, no leaks have shown up. I also left with a new set of tires, since the tread on mine was low. Most of my other issues were addressed as well.

I cannot talk about the tech process because I just don’t have that knowledge, although I am learning. What I can tell you is my experience of taking my cute little RT back to home base.

Before I arrived Karen gave me the name of the Radisson as a pet friendly hotel and I was able to check in with ease.


Everyone at the factory was down home friendly and professional. I was greeted warmly by Karen, who works the front desk, each time I arrived at the factory to check on the progress of my RT. She was also very good at giving directions. Leo kept me up to date by e-mail and in person. Jim checked in with me each day as well,usually by e-mail. I felt well taken care of and respected.

I made sure to give the crew at the factory space to work. I checked in during the morning, usually in person. I would take the rest of the day to tour the greater Kitchener-Waterloo area. Late in the afternoon I would check in by e-mail to see how things were progressing. I wanted all those that were working on my unit not to feel pressured. Just as they made me feel respected and part of the team I knew I needed to do the same for them. When they asked me for one extra day, I gave it to them.

Any time I met someone at the factory they had time to say hello and introduce themselves. Pamela, the Controller was delightful. She and I must have sat and spoken for about 30 minutes.

Lastly Jim H. took me out into the factory and showed me the new lithium batteries that are in production. It was very interesting to hear him talk about them and why they would be a good benefit for those of us with Roadtrek’s. They will be especially helpful to those who like to boondock. They will help all of us be at ease for longer periods of time. They are light and small and when packaged together they can give a powerful boost to our Roadtreks. It was doubly helpful to me to see them in person and understand them a bit more.

It is good to see the commitment all of the people have at the factory. they believe in their product and it shows in the finished models. Yes there are sometimes when things go wrong with the one you buy (water leak) but there are human beings involved in the process. What I really liked was the willingness to admit this human side, then be willing to dig in and find it. These are my kind of people.

Since my visit to the factory I feel more a part of the Roadtrek family. It is good to put faces with names. It was good to meet everyone. And, mostly it is good my Agile is back on the road, dealing with rain and staying dry.

RT on the road again
My Roadtrek on the road again



  • This speaks really well for Roadtrek and is very impressive. Love your cute Agile!

  • We are in Kitchener right now and you’re right, all the people there are
    the greatest! The customer service is unsurpassed, the people are
    extremely nice and helpful, and seeing the factory is a blast. Btw, we
    need tires on the front of our RT, so where in Kitchener did you
    purchase them? We’re not familiar with the area and we noticed the
    front tires need replaced. Thanks for the blog post and in advance for
    the tire info – can you PM me on Facebook when you answer?

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