RV Destinations: My Favorite Hiking and Biking Trails (So Far)

 RV Destinations: My Favorite Hiking and Biking Trails (So Far)

Biking Prince Edward Island

hiking the skyline trail

I love to hike. I have been hiking for years. I used to be my own pack mule as well. I was a backpacker and loved getting out into the wild places. After a 19 day trek in the Himalayas I have done much less of the pack mule stuff.

I still love to hike. I can enjoy the same trail again and again. Each time it is different, the animals are different, the plants are different and the trail itself might be different.

I enjoy unique trails and trails that make me feel like I have accomplished something, on a personal level. I even enjoy the ones that scare me a little (Angels Landing in Zion comes to mind).

On this extended trip I have enjoyed some interesting and unique trails. Most I hiked some I biked. Each one has delighted me in a different way. Natural wonders abound on most of these trails. One I liked because it took me to an old lighthouse.

Here is my list of favorite trails so far on this trip.

  • While spending a week in Hendersonville, North Carolina, I walked from the home I was staying up some dirt roads. I met this woman who asked me if I had my bear bells, bear spray because there was a black bear in the area. I had none of these.
  • State Park over the HudsonThe Walkway across the Hudson River used to be the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge. Today you can walk or bike across the bridge. If you are adventurous there is about a 7 mile loop trail you can take. I loved the opportunity to walk across this bridge.
  • IMG_4141Hiking into Moxie Falls at the Forks, Maine, to see and take photos of the rafters and kayakers coming through the rapids. It was short yet challenging hike and worth the effort.
  • The SkylineTrail on the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton is not to be missed. It was not a long hike yet it ended with incredible views and a stair case built over an arboreal forest that is endangered. There were also these 10 acre areas that were fenced off, yet open at the bottom. It is a ten year study that is being done to help the forest to recover. They want to keep the moose out. They have been overgrazing. The results, by the way have not been promising.
The Skyline Trail


  • Meat Cove at the tip of Cape Breton is a beautiful site. There is a trail there that goes for several miles. It is all boardwalk. I couldn't help but ask myself many times, who made this?
  • Hiking the Boardwalk, Meat Cove
  • Prince Edward National Park has three sections to it. The first section was at Greenwich. They offered three trails. There is one trail that involves hiking on a floating boardwalk. I chose this one. it was a beautiful hike and I loved the boardwalk and seeing the sand dunes.



  • Hiking the Fen
    Hiking the Fen

    Agawara campground scenic trail. I hiked this one a few nights ago. I absolutely loved it. It was about 4 miles and went from the shores of Lake Superior into the dunes and the trees. There was another boardwalk on this hike. It took me across a Fen. What is a Fen you might ask? It looks like a bog except that the water is not standing still. It is flowing through this area. It allows for many types of plant life to take hold and flourish.


Deer lake Trail
Deer lake Trail.
  • White lake Provincial Park has three trails. I hiked the Deer Lake Trail. Again I was off on boardwalks and bridges. This is an area that is returning to a new natural state after beavers left the area. I ended the hike with view of loons, one of my favorite birds.

Not to be outdone by hiking, below are listed other means of transportation trails that I thought were worth mentioning.

  • Janet & OxbowThe nine mile horseback ride, at a trot, from Gardiner, Montana to Hells A”Roaring Ranch at 7,200 feet up in the Rocky Mountains. It was heavenly. And I was surrounded by horses, who could ask for more. Who cares what happened to my back after the ride.
  • IMG_0605Biking along the road in the Sand Banks Municipal Park campground on the north shore of Lake Ontario. An easy ride with a good view at the end. There was a light house and interpretive center at the end of the ride out.
  • Biking from the campground at The Horse Farm outside of Lexington, Kentucky. The trails were paved and although not a long ride (about 5 miles), a beautiful ride through some elegant horse country. I could walk my bike through the barns until dark. I even saw a dressage competition.
  • I took time to bike the 12 mile trail at another section of Prince Edward Island National Park. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ride along the dunes and ocean on a very well kept trail.
  • One more bike ride that would make my list was the ride, even though Les and Kathy Shantey might laugh, from William Sterling State Park, Monroe Michigan to the The Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (I.H.M.), otherwise known as the Motherhouse. It was interesting to check out this town. The Motherhouse was beautiful. There are paved trails behind it. I even saw a fox.

My trip is not over yet, although it is winding down as I make my way back home to San Diego. I still have a few places I want to see, hike or bike. Before the trip is over I may still be adding to the list.

What are some of your favorite hike, bike, or what ever that you have experienced this summer? I am always looking for new ideas



  • Thanks so much for sharing Janet,really enjoy your blog.Safe travels and God Bless.Bob in Md

  • I have learned & enjoyed your posts and blog very much. The more traveling you do are you finding you would like or need one of the longer Roadtrek’s? Or any additional features you would like to have? Thank you.

  • My husband and I were in awe of Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes, CO. The hikes were as beautiful as the destinations. Equally as gorgeous are the hiking opportunities in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

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