From the RV Road: Good-Bye, North Carolina

Downtown Hendersonville
Downtown Hendersonville

I have been in Hendersonville, N.C., for the past five days. It has been a grand time. I witnessed two good friends marry and begin a new phase of their lives together. We caught up and laughed a lot. I even dressed up for their wedding. I am not a dress up kind of woman.

We have seen more rain than San Diego gets in a year. I have been enjoying the thunderstorms. They are also rare in southern California.

IMG_0478Tomorrow morning Miss Elsie (my cat) and I are coming home to the cute little Roadtrek. We are heading north. I have a date with the Roadtrek factory in Kitchener and since I don’t want to overly rush we are taking about a week to drive there.

The last five days Elsie and I have been staying at the home of my friend, Zoe. We have both enjoyed time at her place. Elsie, in particular loved the big screened in porch. She could stalk birds and chipmunks and still be safe. We both loved our visit here.

Elsie in My Cozy Organized Space
Elsie in My Cozy Organized Space


There is something wonderful about going back into my smaller space. I love being cozy and independent. I have been going in and out of her the last couple days organizing and getting ready. I think Elsie is peaking out the blinds and figuring things out.

I have been realizing all over again the importance of keeping everything in its place. It has made packing up much easier. I know exactly where to put everything so it is quick.

I am not finished organizing for the long term yet. I have learned to take notes and sometimes I draw my layouts so I remember for the next trip. I do think that figuring out how to organize for long trips is going to be a process over several trips.

Today on the Roadtrek Facebook page I saw a photo of someone who puts the litter pan in the back storage space. I may attempt this on the next trip. It is a great idea.

I like to sit in my RT and just ponder. I have not done much with mine except to add some hooks. I have to admit that I think it is so cute the way it is, I am not sure what I could improve on. I love the wood and granite and the feeling of spaciousness in a small space. It is a very comfortable space.