Who says you have to be on the go all the time?

 Who says you have to be on the go all the time?

Waterfalls Near McKenzie Bridge

Sometimes, it's nice to sit a spell. Or at least stay and slow down a little.

Cat & pups going Solo
Cat & pups going Solo

A week and a half ago, my friend Cat went solo, as she bicycles south on RT 101 and the border of Mexico. Solo means, she is now carrying all her gear (sleeping bag, tent, food & more) and no sag wagon support for her in my Roadtrek.  I left the Oregon coast and traveled an hour to Corvallis, Oregon.

I have a forever friend that lives there. I have not seen Kat (yes another Kat) since 2003. One of the blessings of Facebook- you can sometimes find those forever friends who you have lost touch with. Through the help of Kat's daughter, we reunited, first with a four plus hour phone call and now, with an almost two week visit, with Kat and her husband Charlie. I have been having fun. Miss Elsie the cat has a full apartment to roam in. We are stretching our legs.


What have I been doing, you might ask. Here are some of my activities since I have been off the coast.

  • Talking and sharing,  a lot.
  • Kat, Charlie & Janet
    Kat, Charlie & Janet

    Hiking – We have hiked Bald Hill, Fitton Green and Mary's Peak. Beautiful hikes. Each hike was a bit different. I felt like I had a good opportunity to explore the nature of the Corvallis area.

  • Kat is very involved in genealogy. With her help, I have begun to explore my family's genealogy. I have been surprised how interested I have been in this.
  • I have experienced the weather shift from summer into fall.
  • After almost two months I enjoyed a pedicure and had my hair cut and colored.
  • I have explored downtown Corvallis. One evening we walked a few miles of the Willamette River waterfront.
  • Stopping at New Morning Bakery is a tradition in this town. The desserts were yummy.
  • 14359245_10210884169206385_8393817763003144999_nKat is a spinner. She dyes her own yarn. The last two days we have been dyeing yarn from natural dyes, from plants that grow in her yard. I know this might sound boring to some, yet I have enjoyed every moment. I will be leaving with my own hand dyed yarn.
  • The first weekend I was here, Kat and Charlie were expecting family to visit. Miss Elsie, the Roadtrek and I left for the weekend. Thanks to my membership in Harvest Hosts, I spent one night at Emerson Vineyards near Monmouth, OR. I enjoyed a very quiet evening out in the country. After a wine tasting, I enjoyed their estate Viognier with dinner. I was planning to spend a second night there but it was scuttled when I heard from Jane DeGroot, another Roadtreker.
  • I spent my second night camped at McKenzie Bridge, OR. I had a marvelous visit with Jane, whom I believe, some of you know. She is a wonderful hostess. If you want a tour of the area, she is a great tour guide. Jane and I explored the lakes, waterfalls and lovely area that she calls home.

    Janet & janet
    Janet & janet

My visit with Kat is not over. We have more to do. Time is running short, though. I need to catch up with Cat and the pups. Today she crossed over into California. I still have more of the Oregon coast to do. Hopefully we will meet up in a week or a bit longer. I am sure we will both have adventures to share, as I pick up my duties as the support vehicle, and we both head south along the 101.


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